Pandemic social distancing diary thread


Duh, smoking makes your lungs bigger and tougher. It’s like exercise for your cardiovascular system


That’s what I really thought at least a little bit when I made a lung capacity test many years ago lol


Can’t tell if trolling…

It damages your lungs and reduces your capacity. Might not increase your chance of catching Corona but sure makes you more likely to suffer harder if you get it.


Its been a long fucking boring, exhausting, irritating week…

…but I made it 72 hours with no nicotine. Threw all my vape shit away. Hoping this brain fog and craving bullshit starts tapering off so I can fuckin’ get back to some creative business.

Never again, I ain’t goin’ back.


Finished Gravity Rush 2. Sad to say goodbye to that world. I would jump right into 3 if there was one.

Playing through Hyper Light Drifter for the third time instead of prepping for my karaoke shindig.


My friend is seeing her old boyfriend again, ah well. That means I’m not gonna get to hang out with her despite promises of hanging out for the last two months. I’ve only ever hung with her when they where fighting. She’s the joined-at-the-hip type. I’m over this small town, but again, I’m stuck here for a little bit.

Asked about a lady…she’s married. :stuck_out_tongue: No problem, more incentive for me to get out of here once again and meet new people and learn new streets.

Currently taking notes and trying to get my old VSTs working again in Ableton. This is gonna be a longass process. Some of them still work, at least. Got my Kontakt stuff sorted!


Last time I had to setup my DAW and VSTs from scratch, it took me about a week to get up and running again. These days, I think it’d be closer to 2-3 days of focused work, having been through it and having a better idea of how to organize everything.

For the love of god, setup your own install locations, learned that one the hard way. I have like 14 different folders where VSTs go because some people install under the Steinberg VST directory, some under their own directory, and some into just a general VST directory. And then some just get extracted and go into the DAW’s own VST folder. And then with FL studio, you can natively run both 32 and 64-bit stuff, so all of that times two.


I’ve got my install location, always had. My problem is that I’m running two versions of Kontakt depending on what’s compatible (and Kontact is it’s own beast) Old registered stuff doesn’t ahem register at the moment. Live 7 Legacy pack is no longer available, and I have the files, but not the pack. Perhaps I never had much stuff sorted. When my OG computer crashed, perhaps I lost more than I thought…

I don’t know how to setup one install location. I’m old. Perhaps this is a time for me to learn new things. At least now I’m running off of one hard drive and not three. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you saying I should make a “Music” folder on my D drive and direct everything there?

Any tech support would be appreciated…


I went ahead and buzzed my head myself. Long hair is out anyway. Going back to highschool days. Feels good.

But seriously ,I have so much hair that grows on my neck. Some people got it easy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It might just mean making sure to install VST’s initially in C:/your/folder when you get new VST’s, but you may be able to simply pick up the files from their current location and drop them in your new folder. As long as all your audio programs point to that location, they’ll load up fine.


It’s gonna be a process for sure. Half of them were converted from 32 bit. I found some crazy crap I totally forgot about. My mastering software and presets are all good.

Kontakt is gonna be a real pain. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If I were doing things over again, I’d make one folder with 4 sub-folders.

At the top level, I’d call it music production. Then inside of there I’d have at least these four:

  1. a DAW folder

  2. 32-bit VST

  3. 64-bit VST

  4. All loose samples

And optionally,

  1. A projects folder outside of wherever your DAW puts it by default

  2. A renders folder

  3. A mastering folder with all the DAW project files for masters kept separate from songs

This is what I’ve more or less ended up with, but it’s not all in one place, some stuff is still installed on my C drive, some on D, etc. If it were in one place and I knew only DAW stuff is inside my DAW folder, that’d be ideal. I did at least get all my samples in one place.

EDIT: And 8. A finished songs folder, where each song has it’s own folder with the original project file, the master project file, the master audio, and the pre-master audio. This I keep in a separate place, but it’s great to have all that stuff sorted out regardless.


Awesome advice, thank you. I’ll read it properly tonight before work


I know its you, but you look like the cheap knockoff of you without the hair. Cool shirt tho.


Its like a Vlantis avatar but we haven’t chosen the hair style yet.

but seriously @Vlantis I think it looks good man. I had shoulder length hair for a long time but I keep cutting mine shorter and shorter for summer.


What I do is I have a drive for music stuff (in fact, anything really that isn’t the OS), and I have a folder for audio related stuff, E:/Sound, then I’ll have a folder for each DAW I use, and keep project files in those.

When I finish a track and render it, I have a folder “E:/Sound/orig music” where those go, sorted into mp3’s or lossless.

For samples, I have E:/Sound/Samples, which get split up into sample packs and loose samples just right there.

My REAPER folder (my main audio DAW), I have sub folders for renders, recorded files, all split up.

I need to clean up my vst’s tho. Those are wherever they all went by default, so I probably need to clean those all up.


I like the cut of your jib, sir. That’s pretty similar to what I’ve got set up and it works well. Everything is on a single SSD (E:) with a separate drive for samples. A clean DAW setup is a happy DAW setup.

I’ve been in that position before and it sucks. Nothing worse than having 20 different VST folders hanging around, especially when you miss one when reinstalling. If they’re just .dlls, you can usually just copy them without an issue. If they’re part of a larger program set that refers to that location, you can use directory junctions and symlinks to move the data where you want and have a pointer to it. It’s not as optimal as having shit installed in the right spot to begin with, but it works.

I think when I eventually do a clean install I’m going to give REFS a go. I like the idea of having an automated nightly snapshot of everything.


Instead of working on getting music software installed, I spent two hours on the phone with my friend Mio.

Found an old demo CD of my friend’s. We’ve been estranged for five years, but it’s time to get over it. The music is safe on my computer, but it took a little work (old file format).


Rescued an old music friend’s demo disc from the pits of hell. I lent a hand on the creation of this. “Mastered” it and added some effects here and there.

Renewed my vows to leave this town with Mio. Hit up an old flame in St. Louis. She’s doing alright. I’m laying it on pretty thick. Maybe we’ll make a love connection.

Saving money…


No love connection. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hyper Light Drifter is finished.

About to play The Last of Us for the first time. Bought it a long time ago.