New IDMf Netlabel Comp! Submissions Closed!


That sounds intriguing, I"ll give it a try!


Man this extension is giving me some serious time to get mix tight!

Hope everyone else is not having to difficult of a time. Also hoping whatever you create evokes the emotion that you choose to really deliver!


been fumbling around with a couple tracks.
i do have something coming which might give me a little inspiration.
dunno but i am crafting a bit of musical meh.or i might get lucky.


Going well.

Almost finished the progression of the overall song.

Need some arrangements here & there, some playing around with FX… and it should be good to go before deadline.


IDM music compilation?


Deadline extended until like the 22nd I think? But yea man, happy to have your sub : ) if you want to.


Hey Q! I would love to see what you can bring to this, your work so far that I have heard is definitely in the right direction. :slight_smile:


So, the clock is ticking, you guys wrapping up your subs? Get 'em in by Friday folks!


Yep. Like I said I just never turn mine in until the last minute just in case :slight_smile: you can count on one from me! Its basically in the can.


Same as @relic - I am off work today (day off taken for sanity - my job hasn’t stopped because of COVID-19, we’re actually very busy). Composition/song is done; the agenda is finalizing individual track FX and mix this week today and after work until the deadline.


Mine is also pretty much finished. Mixing needs some attention, but it will be ready for sure.

It was really refreshing to work on some IdM stuff again, after all the technoish and acidy tracks I made in the past two, three years.


just got home from a road trip, going to try to get something done by tonight. if not, then i’m excited to hear what the the idmfers make :]


man, that is down to the line…but I bet you can pull something out. :slight_smile:

just rendering mine now…My DAW ate my track…it refused to export the stems, took me an hour to sort it out and get them so I could mix them a bit, and now I sort of too tired to give a shit anymore, this puppy is done. :stuck_out_tongue: Probably my “best mix evar,” because I didn’t fiddle it to death.


Those are usually the ones that turn into the best mixes IMO.

Does this extend to 12 AM in one’s own time zone? I could go for broke here


I’m on Pacific Standard Time for Los Angeles, so unless someone else is in the Pacific somewhere, I think we use my midnight as the deadline. Though the submissions email has been known to give me trouble now and then, so realistically I give it a day’s buffer to make sure they all come through.


About to send submission shortly.

Edited because I found the answer to my question somewhere above :slight_smile:



Play it loud, etc.

Onto the drinking now :beer::beers::beer:


Lol same, didn’t master it. As I wanted to make sure if selected tracks on the album have a consistent mastering.

Thanks so much for putting this together, and good luck all


yeah we would have required an unmastered track anyway, so good choice. :grin:

by my watch we are down the the wire folks…get them subs in soon!


If you want the “un-mastered” version, let me know!

Ultimately, I’m going to use that song late in the year or early next, so I thought I might as well get it mastered already.

Edited to add: TBH I’d like to hear your mastering take on my song, if you can be bothered :slight_smile: