New IDMf Netlabel Comp! Submissions Closed!


Just made my first submission since IDMf003. We’ll see how this goes… Good luck to everyone else, curious the hear the results.


That’s great that you know your track is accepted! Guessing since most of us aren’t hearing back (excuse me if you have), we can move on with our submissions? :fearful:

Few mix choices I’d like to correct, and the ancipatoon is killing me! hahahaha


I never said my track was accepted, just that I will be submitting one. Also, nobody is hearing back on their subs until after the deadline, when we have all the tracks and the whole team reviews them and makes a group decision. Standard procedure.


lol muh bad, i misread into that :heavy_heart_exclamation:

we are in some pretty non-standard times, no excuse :laughing:

cheers for the response :metal:t5:


No worries. :beers:

So it looks like the most popular opinion is to extend the deadline, so hows about we bump it out 3 more weeks? New deadline is May 22. I will update the top post too.


Great, thanks!


I don’t think I want to submit what I submitted now honestly… I have something that I like more… oh well :smiley:


that and my mix is QUIET…idk


hi can i participate even if i’m new member ?


Don’t worry about that, I normally mix around -18 to -24 db, and I master that fine. I’ll just pull it up a bit with bitshift gain if I need to.


No problem. Go for it!


yeah, no problem, bring it!


Thanks will try to do something before deadline!




Just submitted excited, nervous, thanks for the opportunity though really.


Alright people… lookit!!

Stop with all of the whine bout this, eat whale blubber and not admit you like it!!

Get your tunes done, don’t worry about the end db and all that jizzjazz!! Make it -12 - -6db. Be wild, and be you! Rep what you feel deep in your genital! That’s right, deep in that naughty bit!

Since we hab a extension…well get a weave!! Maybe do a remix of your mix, and tighten up your ends! Can’t be walking the street lookin like a trashy…h0!

But let’s get it, beat down the virus, and then confuse people with your glitching!

Mo fiyah…
Mo fiyah


Submitted. I’m a new member, so first of all, hi to everybody. I’m pretty nervous about this as it’s the first completed track in four years. I hope the Netlabel team will only laugh about it in private and behind my back…:upside_down_face:


No worries, if we want to laugh we usually listen to our own submissions. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the sub, and welcome to the forum! glad we could help motivate you to get back on your production feet.


How are those tracks going mates?


Ill defo be submitting.