New IDMf Netlabel Comp! Submissions Closed!


Is it acceptable to send more than one track answer?
Im asking for my friends

Maximum submission lenght?


I would assume one per person. However, if you end up changing or upgrading things, you resubmit with that as a thing. “I’d like to change x for y”.

I don’t see the site giving 2x to any one person, as per old stipulations or sub periods other than collab stuffs.


As the mastering engineer, I’ve done stuff up to 15 minutes or so. Whether or not that would get through the selection process intact is another question, but 15 minutes would be technically feasible for sure. I’d say a 7-9 minute song isn’t unreasonable, but I don’t want to listen to like 20 submissions that are ALL that long.

If you really want to go for a super long song and it’s really cool, maybe best to submit that to us directly as a solo artist release. Those don’t tend to get the same exposure as the compilations, but you could keep more of your artistic vision intact. Or you can sell out for… the status of being on this release? Whatever floats your boat.


hi Unk, good questions, sorry that was not 100% clear. We will take one submission per person. If you are unsure which to submit, please hang on to your choices and think about it a bit instead of “re-submitting” a new track to replace an already submitted one…and we frown upon reworks of submitted tracks as well (i.e. "I just fixed up the bass on this, so here is a new version x4). It just takes a lot more time for us to handle that kind of stuff, so we try to discourage it. We are reasonable humans though, so if there is a problem or question with a submission, hit us up. We just expect that a submission is a final submission, not a draft.

regarding length, WN covered that. :slight_smile:


I’d just like to double down on what Creepr said about the sending of revised submissions. Basically don’t do it. And if you do we will absolutely not be held responsible for being confused lol.


Good thing I did not submit prematurely…that’s my bad habit…shrug.


Hey there,

Just curious as to the policy in regards to placing the w.i.p. for feedback before we submit them? like on LB or other sites…

thanks in advance


I mean we won’t really know what you do outside of IDMf but our preference would be you send them over email/DM only as a private link. Posting it here before hand especially kills the anticipation for our most immediate audience.

I’m happy to listen to any wips btw, just DM me here.


Totally underanable. Thanks again for the stead fast reply.


Mine’s submitted

Good luck everyone


This fucking comp is perplexing me. No idea where to start.


Stumped on track ideas check this thread


Whats a good way to share files? my email doesn’t let me transfer large files


Post the track to soundcloud privately, with the ability to download, and then share the private link in an email to the submissions email.


Subbed my attempt at something. o7 to everyone.


Hey gang, quick show of hands; how many people are still working on a track and considering submitting? We are mulling over an extension of the deadline but want to get a feel for if it would really help or not.


I … It would help a bit. But do not extend deadline just for two or three people except if your team did not get enough material… I am not even sure for myself if i will send it…
How are the tracks? I assume there is a lot less input compared to previous relases judging by forum users number and activity?


no comment on the quality of what has already been submitted I am afraid :), but we have a handful so far, with a few (like mine) that we know will definitely be submitted. I will leave this question open for another day or so, see who chimes in and then we can decide.


Sure, i understand.


I am planning on submitting one and would love a deadline extension.