The token IDM thread

Not sure why there isn’t one of these here yet, but I’ve been craving some of that blippety-bop off-the-gnome nonsense we’re all here to get down with.

Haven’t heard a lot of new stuff from this genre in the past decade, let’s all indulge in some IDM!

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The latest Richard Devine is brilliant from a production/sound design point of view. Just a bit boring if you want an album to just listen to…

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He’s my favorite artist I never listen to. It’s kind of like the new Aphex albums… it’s really technically fuckin’ astounding… but at the end of the day it’s almost like soulless wank save for a few tracks. Good shit though, for what it is.

I’ve been having a similar feeling with sound design itself, tbh. Like with the Richard Devine album, I was listening to it on a walk and my thought almost the whole time was “Oh okay… Is this going anywhere?”

Interesting sounds, and no doubt there were a couple incredible tracks. However, with the way the album is, it feels like the tracks are good accidentally in a way, and I struggle to get too excited about them because of that and I feel weird in that having interesting sounds put together really well doesn’t seem to be enough for me at the moment.


Which might have something to do with the way he composed it, as far as I understood these tracks were all composed and played on a modular, so not sure if they are more performances or tracks.

Yeah, I suppose so. It’s very IDM to put a lot of stock into the way things are done, but I’ve heard enough of music that is both brilliant in sound design and composition that I can’t be fucked to care that much if I’m not enjoying the end result as much.

However, take that with a grain of salt, as I don’t want to knock it too much. Since I don’t think it’s horrible in any way, it’s just not an album I see myself returning to much if at all. It does 100% have its brillant moments, of course.


That TTA tune was HUGE for me. I have their discography on vinyl, and im not normally a completist or collector but needed them.

Richard Divine - neat sounding wank.


RIP Charlie Cooper. The project has never been the same since he died. That album was the pinnacle of what IDM was to me, or what it could have been. Such a height… have rarely heard anything that reaches that level of gltich/idm/tempo that rendered so much emotion. A lot of it is now, just simply wankery in the studio. yeah.

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Quite a bump. But this album is IDM perfection. (with a dash of ambient / minimal)


Listening to this mini-album by Aleksi Perala thanks to Sencesor

so µ-ziq releases something new and nobody tells me ?

also, rolando simmons

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and i’ll drop a little karsten pflum on top of that

this album by Lakker on R&S
carries so much of Autechre and Icarus trve IDM heritage

was this posted anywhere ? Super chill super glitchy sex

Book of Leaves still a perfect little gem

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Karsten Pflum’s latest mindcast made me want to listen to skee mask more, and damn is it worth it
check out that B side

his album from last year

just discovered this label from shanghai called svbkvlt

New beatwife came out four months ago fucking get on it

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TechDiff dumped like 11 free EPs of melodic IDM on his bandcamp. There’s a lot of great stuff there:


I just discovered this london based label, Whities. Loving what I’m hearing so far. Check it out idm people



Who just drops an album like this in 2019? ?

This is the best IDM release I’ve heard in over a decade. Fucking AMAZING.