New IDMf Netlabel Comp! Submissions Closed!


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My sub should be in your inbox, sent it yesterday.
I don‘t trust emails^^ :nerd_face:


Yeah, send the unmastered version if you haven’t already. I usually do the mastering on our compilations these days, so ideally leave me about 6db of headroom. I’m going to start downloading stuff so we can all look at it today, but you have til the end of the holiday weekend to get it in.

@Schnork I’ll start sending confirmation emails back to you all to let you know I have your track, and I’ll post here again when I’ve done that. If you haven’t gotten an email from the submissions account then, reach out to me.


Sounds good to me too, get it in by midnight PST Sunday and then we are calling subs closed. @Schnork I believe I saw yours come in, but I am not at my regular pc right now to confirm.


Yeah, thx! All cool, got a confirmation mail. :partying_face:


Cool, no probs. Got your email as well, will upload the unmastered version today.


Alrighty, the final deadline has passed. Subs are now closed! We recieved quite a few submissions for this one, so thanks to everyone who participated! Now the netlabel team will get on to the selection process. No firm ETA for the release, but we will keep you all posted.


Okay, I’ve been sorting out tracks with all my spare time this week. I believe I have everybody’s.

If you sent something in and you haven’t heard from me either via PM or a response to your submission email, reach out ASAP so we can sort it out.

I have one track called “Flatter” where I cannot figure out the artist. I’m going to reach out to a few people who I think might have submitted it based solely on the style, but feel free to save me some time. I’d hate to eject this track from judging over this, but we’re running out of time and I can’t hold up the whole album for one track. I need to talk with the rest of the label team and the mods about when we want to officially start judging, so I really cannot say how long you have.


God damn people can’t you even put your fucking name on shit lol


Bin it.

Let’s get rolling on judging.


Can’t wait to see what y’all made!! : D


Just a quick update for you all: the netlabel team has been quite busy with this one over the past few weeks. We have winnowed the tracks down to the perfect amount, the mastering is well under way, and we are settling on a cover. No definite release date yet, but it looks pretty promising for early July. There is a surprise twist or two in store that have come out of the production of this release, but more on that when the time is right. :wink:


Oh my god my feet are all sweaty from anticipation, or is it just the admin creeping around again?!?


Things are moving forward with the release but I have also stolen everyone’s personal data so I can raid your checking accounts…and let me tell you that sad amount of coke and hookers I was able to buy with ya’lls money was fucking joke! Get a job!


I’m sad I missed this myself, however I do not know if I would’ve had time anyways. Can’t wait to hear what this release sounds like! Good luck and congrats to all that submitted.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are just about ready to let this one out of the gate! The wait has been long, but I assure you it will be worth it. All of us on the label team are really happy with how this thing sounds, you guys did a stellar job. Keep your ears and eyes peeled (kinda gross when you think about it, but you know what I mean) right here in the coming days for all the relevant info, and of course the official drop.

We won’t make you wait long, we promise. :wink: