Music visual software - autosync and render etc


Hi all need some help please. Been bumbling around seeking some sort of software to produce simple autogenerated visuals to music. Doesnt need to be as complex as VJ software etc. I know winamp as built in visuals which will display and sync to music but no way to export/render, however if anyones familiar with the winamp visualiser that is exactly the type of thing Id be happy with. Ive had a scoot around the web and Resolume seemd ok but turns out its mor of a VJ visuliser for mdii triggerring etc.

I used to have premium which allowed youtube vids to be imported and played to themusic (with some manual adjustments the timings could be losely applied). The issue is time and cost in sourcing clips so something that is simply fractals or AI generated visuals would be great.

Anyone got any suggestions or recommendations Id be really grateful :slight_smile:


Hey man, I tried out lots of stuff but that was a while ago, there might be better options today (and it’s a long time ago when I watched Winamp visuals, so no idea really), but from what I tried:

  • Resolume is great, it’s my fav at the moment, vey flexible and simple to use
  • Magic Music Visuals is like a little brother of Resolume
  • Video editors (such as Hitfilm) or 3D software (such as Blender) with options to visualize sound are flexible but you would probably need more time editing until you have something that you like
  • some DAWs such as Ableton have video generating options
  • there already are some AI options, but I haven’t looked into it much, from my impression you would either have to spend some time to get it set up or pay for some service which probably exists…

I think the fastest way is probably using VJ stuff or some generative stuff in Ableton with M4L? Maybe AI, if you find a simple and fast workflow with the current options, can’t really point you to something though.

Good look finding something that you like! I’m looking forward to see your visualizations! :smiley:


Maybe check out these older threads:


Thanks will check them later.
Actually toying with the idea of screen recording the visuals in winamp and importing into resolume as clips etc.
Need to tinker.
Magic visuals looks interesting though.


Hey, yeah that would be an idea especially if you don’t want to spend lots of time on the visuals - probably should check license terms, even though the chances someone will notice it’s from Winamp might be very small, depending on the visuals used and how much you tinker with it all…


Was just talking to Manton about how I like to use Photomosh Pro and touchdesigner. Might be worth looking into those.

Touchdesigner is free for non-commercial use and very powerful, although you have to put in a bit of work, it’s not quite as easy as just plug-and-play autogenerated. It’s sick though, you should totally check it out.

Photomosh Pro is paid (50$ for lifetime license), but you can talk images and glitch the fuck out of them. I’ve used that for all of the videos on my instagram. You can take a look if you want to see some examples.

I also posted a little tutorial (barely, it’s more me just awkwardly rambling) in another thread for Photomosh Pro.


TouchDesigner is indeed good shit. I never really got as far with it as the pros (partly because you only get SD renders unless you pay up) but it doesn’t require coding and all works visually which is pretty intuitive for most people.

Although, if you’re a nerd I’d definitely just recommend something like Processing, p5.js or GLSL (pretty sure both of the aforementioned handle shaders, so it’s kind of an all-in-one deal). You could easily borrow someone’s script and just modify the fuck out of it, or literally just use a bunch of premade scripts / get some bot to generate you fun visuals and smash them together. Plus, it’s all free