Music Visualization Software


Hey all, was wondering if anyone on here was familiar with any music visualization software. i know the windows music visualizer is pretty legendary. has anyone heard of [Magic]? ( Seems pretty cool, but haven’t gotten to buying it yet. WOuld like to experiment with linking spectogram data with visuals. Anyone have any experience with Processing?


I actually just started playing with Magic a few days ago. Here’s an example of something I made with it:

If you hack the contents of their glsl directory, you could potentially add endless OpenGL graphics shaders into it. I haven’t figured out how to write a shader yet, but I’m planning on adding a full on Mandelbrot fractal zoom at some point.

I used to play with a VJ software called Module8 which didn’t use OpenGL shaders specifically, but had a lot more fine grain control over how you could modify your various photos/videos/models that you were layering in the screen. It also seemed to have better layering effects (and other effects) from what I can tell. Besides that, you could write your own modules if you know Python, and their interface for doing that was pretty great. Furthermore, you could control all your faders and knobs by mapping to midi controller. I just got annoyed with it because I tend to not VJ and therefore the audio routing felt like a hassle to me.

I have friends that play with processing, but I haven’t personally. I kind of want to play with Juce at some point, but my C++ is kind of weak, so we’ll see.

Oh yeah, here’s a pic of what Magic’s interface looks like:


And if you’re looking for visualizers not for creating videos for your music but for listening pleasure, I’m really fond of the visualizers from soundspectrum:


I have played around with Magic and some other dedicated visualization tools, but currently I am mostly using Hitfilm, which has some interesting but comparatively limited options - I am just more comfortable having normal video editing features directly available in the software.

Also, a cool free visualization software also available for linux is VSXu:


Winamp or go home!


Isn’t that a bit like calling your TV with remote a video production set?


Fun fact, just noticed VSXu still has no integrated render options - when I chatted with one of the developers a few years ago (who was extremely friendly and helpful, even teamviewing me through setting it up on Linux since it didn’t work well at that time on my Windows system), he wrote that it was planned, but now they give a nice reasoning why they don’t even want to do it anymore:

I can’t really agree that Blender is a simple option for creating visualizations, but there are some tutorials for it and it seems to be a very flexible alternative, and with all the general 3D tools it has to offer this could be a real game-changer as they say, if you have some time to invest… Have to look into this for sure at some point…


I’m really tempted by the Teenage Engineering OP-Z and it’s Unity integration


Had to google that, but sounds interesting! Might be especially cool for live shows with visuals. Not really that interested in the OP-Z personally, but Unity seems like a nice flexible alternative for visualization.

Also, so far I never tried to use controllers for video production, but I might give that a shot…



yesssss :slight_smile:


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