Music Visualization Software


Thanks, but is it really better than Hitfilm in terms of audio visualization? I just watched a few videos but wasn’t really impressed. I’m not sure this would be an improvement coming from Hitfilm tbh. You have any cool visualization videos made in Vegas?


I personally don’t use Vegas, I noticed that you mentioned you prefer a more linear workflow and Vegas was the first that come to mind.

I do have several visuals from magic though.


Yeah, thanks, I just thought maybe you have seen some videos made with Vegas that impressed you or something like that since you mentioned it.
I’m always looking for better options, but I think Hitfilm is a very good linear video editor with some nice audio visualization options, especially with the atomic particle stuff. But a plugin or program like Magic with linear editing options would be really cool…


Another thing I made in Magic, more recently, trying to get it to be a bit less jolty than my prior things by using clamp and multiplying fractions…