That PsyOpus album is one of my favorites ever. So overlooked, too.


Fuck the new Rotting Christ is so god damn good. Love it.


That PsyOpus album is one of my favorites ever.

Thanks for pointing it out - both of you. Just ordered the CD:)


Based on this and your other comment in the music composition thread, I think you might dig Behold… the Arctopus. Same kind of jerky mathcore, but more dissonant and very influenced by 20th century classical music. Plus, Colin Marston plays a Warr guitar, which is cool as fuck.


The drummer is making weird faces:) ha ha!

Reminded me of this great 2011 Brutal Truth footage (Richard Hoak on drums):


They’ve always been kind of hit or miss with me. But skipping through this one, it sounds very promising.

Speaking of Greeks, I’ve been jamming Septic Flesh a whole lot lately again. By far the best symphonic death metal band, as far as I’m concerned. Starting with ‘Communion’, just flawless albums. And the production is blowing my mind. Drums sound natural, guitars are chunky, and all the orchestral elements are still pretty clear and blend super well. I have no idea how they are pulling this off. I guess the credit should really go to Jens Bogren for this.



Bfk posted Whourkr in the “Whatcha listenin’ to rn, bubba?” thread - many thanks! Great stuff and them guitars sound filthy af.

I’d love to hear something just as heavy, but without all that breakcore/Mr. Bungle crap. Got any slammin’ death metal recommendations for me?

Here’s the vid for reference:


Wow, I’m so triggered right now. :slightly_smiling_face: There’s a bazillion of generic slam bands that sound exactly the same and Mr. @_ms got you covered. But there certainly needs to be more with all that breakcore/Mr.Bungle crap. If anyone finds any, send them my way.


it’s just a prank bro

What I meant was that there’s plenty of great riffs and moments on that K’Krukh record that get lost in between that breakcorey oopsie woopsie, y’know. Fantastic ideas, but diluted, unfortunately.



when did they get so brutal? Is Roger still part of this project?

Pretty good.


Guttural Slug <3 :slight_smile:


This is from 2003, they’ve been pretty good for a while IMO



Dammit I miss this band


fuck, I love that band. <3

another band that is pretty cool is Powertrip.
Pretty solid thrash


September is shaping up to be a great month for metal.

New Car Bomb:

New Cult of Luna:


New car bomb release is going to slay. That track is really killer.


It totally is! Loving the new stuff so far. Sounds somewhat more “straightforward” than the previous records, but definitely more focused and beefy. Might be my fav Car Bongo album!