New Car Bonk is sick. Go listen to “Mordial” rn!


It’s like the heaviest record in their discography so far, but also very diverse and I love all the ambient sections, especially the ending of “Antipatterns.” <3

CB will never be as dear to me as Meshuggah was, BUT I do realize that Mshugh are a pretty one-dimensional band, while Car Bomb offers far more variety and range, not just screaming/growling and mind-bending heaviness, but melodic, shoegazey sections and so on. “Gratitude” is like the best pop song ever.

On a different note, Sleep Token have released a new song that sorta sounds like Deftones a bit too much:

I dunno, it’s pretty groovy and stuff, but it’s just not something this band should do. Ah, whatever


CB rips hard.

This thread needs more dissonance


This is the best autocorrect I’ve seen in my life


Been listening to and discovering a lot of fantastic new black metal these days. spclthnx2 @_ms


Imperial Triumphant is coming to play in my city so it convinced me to check out their stuff. Yes.


Vile Luxury was my 2018 AOTY. if you have a chance go see them, listening to dissonant dm live is great, usually creates an amazing atmosphere. I’m still happy that I saw Ulcerate.


I like the part from 2:54 to 3:33.


Also, Voyager dropped a new album recently, it’s bretti gud : D


I love / hate Voyager and Chaos Divine. They both have a good voice that also gets really weird sometimes, so some tracks are absolute gold when you’re in the mood.



They were nutty live…


This album is crazy good. It’s not even exactly the sort of stuff I usually listen to, but they are just so good. Do you get classical music vibes with them too or is that just me?



Yeah I kind of get a classical vibe slightly, I can’t really say why though. It just feels very big and orchestral


Good album, listened to it so much that now I can’t enjoy it anymore haha

Nasty stuff

A golden oldie


Stupid looking makeup, ripping tunes. Can’t win 'em all, I guess.


The video synchronization in that video you linked is jaw droppingly good! Haven’t seen audio/visual matchup this flawlessly since musician Frank Bretschneider


Just listened to Avatarium’s self titled debut album. That’s perfectly fit to this chilly winter night. Sounds good.


i completely forgot that Mastodon existed lol…