For me, one of the best metal albums in last decade. Most of tracks are fire


Disliked at first, but I like it after a few listens. Part where it slows down with Sid scratching is crazy.
Good ol’ Slipknot


Been two weeks since a post in this thread.

Why is there literally no other deathcore album (a genre I really don’t even care for) that comes close to this masterpiece?


1:35 is fucking tasty


Also it’s grim to see covid-19 showing up on metal archive’s RIP section already


The entire We Are Not Your Kind album is awesome. I really like it. I think it’s better the .5 The Gray Chapter. Also the Knot is kills live, saw them in concert two times this era, last time in february.


This band continues to evolve their unique style a little more with each release. I think once they lock it in fully they’re going to acquire an actual fanbase. Maybe one day


dead thread, booooo


Kidney thieves any1


just discovered this hardcore black metal band from france, full of high speed blasts and dissonant guitars