Good thing international death metal forums is back up, am I right?


More amazing shit from Ukraine




New Convulsing <333333 <33333


Whoa the production on this is fucking awesome!! Love the balance of everything. Perfectly old school with new spacial design. Good shit man.


My contribution for the day. Been really diggin’ on this.


Opening track of that album is the best opening track ever. if you dig this one check Alda, Fauna and Addaura. These bands are so similar I always mix them all together into one band.


Damn dude the first two albums in that list are incredible. Alda has a great production, kind of reminds me of Regnmoln. Addaura is perfect, love the intro. Definitely gonna spin these in full at work today \m/. Good taste!


Addaura. This name has a nice “ring” to it, love it.

We’re all going black metal now, eh? Here’s my today’s nice find:


Whoa, How did this come out just a couple months ago and go under my radar? This sounds oldschool cool. Artwork is tits, wish I had this on cassette… sounds really good so far. nice drop @HypnoticImplant!


Sounds like Imma be your new metal supplier!


Ha! Send it all. I work in an environment where if I’m not in constant meetings I have headphones on… so I listen to like 4-5 hours of music per day, if not more. Always spinning as much as possible.


Alright, grab this!

That’s pretty nice. You might like it, sounds like a slowed-down Convulsing song.


That’s pretty fucking epic. I normally don’t dive too much into doom, but this reminds of yeah, a slow Convulsing song with a mix of Cyanide or something. I can dig it, vocals are beast mode for sure.


Speaking of things so fekkin’ metal:

“My Sharona” is dense as fuque

Also, this:

“Born in Dissonance” is now a slow, pulverizing meat grinder.


tuesday vibes like


Probably my actual favorite song in the world



Seeing Rwake’s band photo on metal-archives gave me a thorough chuckle. Most off-beat lead singer I’ve seen in a while, haaha