This is one from my old schoolmate’s previous band (he has another band launching soon).
He’s also asked if IDMF has the ability to welcome metal artists in its future.



I thought this was international death metal forums



As a major metal head and black metal musician, I would LOVE to see a hybrid metal genre compilation at some point. black/death/grind/experimental, whatever. I think that could bring in a lot of cool material - and we already have a ton of us metal artists that hang around here too.

Definitely should keep that opportunity on the radar.


@Nostro and Jayson aaron spectre aka drumcorps combines metal with electronic music, there is also some electronic music elements in post rock, also who listens to one genre anyways


These guys are sufficiently proficient for me.



best metal trump imo


Sounds pretty gewd


I like the fact that good bands keep releasing good albums


my like goes to one of these tracks

guess which one is it hih


I saw these guys open for Archspire in late 2017, very interesting and long-storied band, they’ve been around since the 90s. They had Max Phelps singing which was cool, I chatted him up about Exist a bit after they played to maybe 10 people. Metal’s dipping guys. I hate to say it but it’s dipping right now even though good shit is being made. Just the attention has gone. It comes and goes. Hopefully this wont last too long.


Looks like Til Lindemann in drag hahah


Quality metalcore. Never knew there was such a thing


cosmic blackened death metal


too bad no HD varsion available :disappointed:


I was listening to Rapture today and I can’t understand why that album isn’ on everyone’s top ten angry metal albums.
This is seriously one of my top 5 metal songs, mostly thanks to its unashamed ignorance.

And The Return Of the Nuclear Gods is a close second.


Thought this was sufficiently good for the Instrumental Death Metal Forums, I mean if it doesn’t just say it right on the tin