Fun fact. Last year I was talking to Kenny of Imperial Triumphant about playing drums for our project. damn good price, too but the guy has so much going on it would have been a while I think before he could have gotten around to it. Great drummer, plays in very odd ways.


IT is an excellent band, their latest album Vile Luxury was my 2018 AOTY. Their drummer is sick, I do love guitars too, entire band is like Gorguts meets Deathspell Omega and in Vile Luxury it has this extra of jazz fusion going on, love it.


My latest discovery. Absolutely love it. From what I’ve seen people have been comparing the band to Deftones, which is fitting, I suppose. It’s basically a mellow, romantic, dreamy take on sludge. Yeah, definitely getting some serious Deftones + Jesu + Accelerated Evolution vibes here.


That’s because they tour with Deftones all the time :slight_smile: I first heard of them when I saw them live, with Deftones a couple years back. Fucking insanely good, I loved them. That album is perfect.


So, what do you guys think of Devy’s new single? Tbh this will either be a grower or just one of his tracks I’ll never get into… Yeah, it’s all over the place, reminds me of his fellow Canucks, Unexpect. But I don’t know - I just feel like there are some really cool bits that get drowned in this barrage of styles and genres and tons of random stuff. Hopefully the rest of the songs will be more focused and more fun to listen to.

The video’s pretty cool, though.


Devin Townsend is like Rush for me. I’m really into the idea of Devin Townsend, but about 90% of the time I don’t actually want to hear it. He seems like one of the smartest, most down to earth, genuine people in music and I’d love to hang out and buy him a drink, but the over-the-top orchestrated wall of sound with tons of vocals and 32 guitar tracks doesn’t do much for me. Honestly, the only tracks I enjoy start to finish are some of his SYL stuff. This one is way too prog without enough grit for my tastes. It’s just not my bag. Like you said, the clever and constant stylistic changes just throw it off.

If you haven’t, you should watch his guitar clinic from earlier this year. It’s just chocked full of great anecdotes and Devy being Devy but not all gauche like he gets sometimes. It’s just a talented dude talking about his life and music. Best part is when he talks about getting to know the cocknob from Nickelback and sheds some light on maybe why the new single (and album) sounds like it does (think that’s in part 2, maybe?)


I do have similar problem with Devy. He seems like the coolest and friendliest dude around. I love SYL’s City, Alien and his solo one Ocean Machine but what follows later doesn’t do the same for me. Sure, It’s all well produced/written and very accessible for anyone style-wise, you can’t complain about it but it’s just a huge miss for me even when trying to like it, because you know, it’s Devin Townsend. Later I just got really overwhelmed by his releases. Just Devin doing Devin things so I personally don’t feel that much of the interest and feed my need of new music elsewhere. It doesn’t catch my attention in such sense that you don’t even want to go back and listen some of these albums ever again and I just listen something else instead. He does really good live shows though.


I’m not much for christian bands, or the whole religion thing in general - but Impending Doom is one of my favorites. (It also helps they have music in the game Killing Floor 2, but)


New fucking Rotting Christ came out on the 15th. HOW DID I MISS THIS, holy shit it’s good!!


Hannes Grossman is at it again. Sounds way more interesting than the last Obscura album for sure. That acoustic solo cracked me up. Fucking Morean with his crazy solos again.


And after hearing that, I felt compelled to go listen to the crazy solo in Velocity, one of the most WTF kind of solos I’ve ever heard.


A+ slam, would slam to again


Hah, you could use a healthy dose of Fred Thordendal’s solo goodness!

“It’s finger-pickin’ good!” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


re-discovered this album again. amazing.


The next best thing to a new Vildhjarta album:



any love for defeated sanity? probably my favourite BDM band.

that mix and 3:10 part, sickest slam, makes me want to stab myself


this should be illegal


This is one from my old schoolmate’s previous band (he has another band launching soon).
He’s also asked if IDMF has the ability to welcome metal artists in its future.



I thought this was international death metal forums