I know, I’m a terrible person to be laughing at this, but… fucking lol!



awww yiss


damn this fuckin’ shreds!!



I used to have the original version of that album on Cd waaaaay the hell back, it was one of the first albums that made me dig more melodic stuff. I remember i bought that and Opthalamia - Via Dolorosa on the same day. MAMMERIES

Anyway, been jamming the new Carnal Forge singles and kinda digging it. The drums sound a little boxy and fakeish but i dig the deathy thrashiness of it.


I thought I was the only one excited about the new Carnal Forge! The new vocalist doesn’t sound bad at all, although I wish they would have went more in the direction of When All Else Fails


dude yeah I’m digging this way more than the new Soilwork. Kinda disappoint with that one. And i bought it on CD



New Soilwork is just… Something about it just isn’t right. I tried to get into their latest albums but I don’t even remember if I listened anything past Stabbing The Drama now. I really did but it probably didn’t do much for me. Everyone seems to love newer stuff (well not their latest but those before it) but for me that stuff just exists and that’s it. Predator’s Portrait is my favourite album from them, Chainheart Machine comes second.


Dude I did a fekkn cover of Chainheart back in 2011 like tah hear it here it is

I do like some of the new shit though, i respect Dave and Sylvain (me with them below) but that latest one seems a little watered down for me overall. It’s not bad but not great.





an absolute F I L T H


been loving this shit, my neighbor introduced it to me. he had parts i-iii on vinyl and the art is fucking killer.


dang it dem bois are killin it


Both these are rockin’ my socks. Gnarly shit.



The first breakdown progression in this is literally one of the coolest breakdowns I’ve ever heard

and literally EVERYTHING ELSE IS THE SHITTIEST - fuck. I want to just edit that one part out at around a minute and kill the rest of it with fire.


Hah! That’s actually a pretty fun song. Them goblin screams sound like Tomas Haake’s vocals on “Sol Niger Within,” so I find them acceptable and quite fun as well. XD

Speaking of fun breakdowns and stuff in general, you might like Four Question Marks’ “Titan.” Pretty dope djent record, if not as advanced as Meshuggah and with hella muddy production. Ears hurt after a while, but that contributes to the album’s heaviness.