This a couple of years old now but man I’ve been digging the shit out of this album lately. Mitch Harris of Napalm Death, but it’s all melodic and proggy. It has parts that remind me of Fear Factory and maybe some older goth rock or even some Voivod like stuff. Just fucking amazing.


Cool music, but it’s completely ruined for me with those whiny vocals, which I guess are coming from Mitch himself. What a line-up, though - Mitch Harris, Shane Embury, Derek Roddy. 2 bass players too, apparently. Interesting.


Not bad! I can get the fear factory vibe.

Weird, I just realized that napalm death has a Mitch Harris (this project) and Mick Harris - who did the Lull ambient albums.



They were also in Defecation together.


Still warming up to the clean and chanted vocals throughout this album, but everything else pretty killer.


um. I guess I’m just gonna leave this here. … … …



I really hated this band for a long time but whatever, I guess I love them now



Your metal cred card has been officially revoked.


Haha I was only joking :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I have an absolute and utterly disgusting fetish for cheese pizza. I suppose without that I wouldn’t come off in jest.

But yeah fuck these guys have always been the lamest




that drumming hnnng





whoa, I totally forgot about The Haunted. I remember when their video for DOA came out, it was my favorite shit for a while. It sounds like they got a little more metalcore-ish vibe going for them these days. Nice.


Another guilty pleasure band for me, saw these guys live a couple times. Their singer is a fucking douchebag. They have awesome grooves though.


I still return to this album quite often. One of the best.


incredible from start to finish