I call some of these bands over-technical death metal, where they go for such complexity by showing off their best skills but it just becomes a boring listen for many reasons. Like this constant delivery of riffs feels just too much at most moments, it never ends. And their album arts all look very similar, they often share similar themes too. It makes their albums unremarkable and sound like it was made by the same band but in different studio. Like, you’re listening to Neuraxis and it’s actually Psycroptic but it might be Deeds of Flesh too because their general theme is very similar, or maybe it’s Hour of Penance? You can’t separate some bands apart, and once you try to dig into one it just doesn’t work to me. Archspire is fun one, by the way (I have their shirt) because how ridiculous they sound. From all of these bands I would separate Gorguts (obviously), Gorod, Anata and Beyond Creation. Not sure if Ulcerate counts. These work for me because they just blend other genres but still keep it tech death.

over-technical death to me are these:

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ahem Origin - so fuckin’ boring

my god they haven’t had a good album since echoes of decimation. So boring, my jesus.

Psycroptic needs better production… Hour of Penance has a good one but it’s so much blastwank it’s hard to listen to for long periods of time.

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I’m all for super weird fast “check out what we can do with instruments bro” like you get in mathcore and any avant-gard’ish sub-genre with many levels of details, dissonance but for death metal it just doesn’t work sometimes. It’s not like these bands are terrible, but even the most technical stuff can become predictable after a while. These bands seem to be stuck in a loop and instead of expanding their songwritting they just improve production and do the same thing as always. And then it’s just something about that very clean and tightly produced death metal that doesn’t do much to me. DM is very technical compared to other sub-genres already as a definition but in general it’s often 50/50 to me. But you got the same problem with many genres, imo , like slam, grindcore (boss hm-2 people), other -cores, black metal. Every genre has these “meh” bands that just exist and you only aware of their names. And then there’s this over-saturation of similar acts because they all liked that one band.


Totally agree. Even though I always cater towards black metal, it has to nail a certain production on the forefront to even gather my attention, and then I have a pretty high standard for riffs.

Slam, basically needs to be comedy with lots of samples and do something different. I have hundreds of slam albums and still have trouble telling them apart.

Most death metal I listen to these days needs some sort of groove… dying fetus, deicide, (some) blood red throne… those guys know how to get the groove. Other DM bands are just like you said, boring as hell. Save for some projects, like, Vital Remains - Dechristianize, it’s hard to find tech stuff with a soul…

…but maybe the whole idea is to be soulless? :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Not really metal but this should soothe you techdeth h8rs who are going straight to hell

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Post your DJEN.CO creations here, hahaha:

how do I make these links work here huh

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Kurt Ballou always gets the best feedback. Love this band so much.



Fucking masterpiece:

A trve first wave kvlt classic:

Been jamming this one again lately. It’s like some weird 60s black and white scene with a bunch of mod kids pulling Scooby Doo dance moves like goobers in musical form.

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Oh, yeah. Good ol’ Virus. Speaking of that whole crew, I was pleasantly surprised to discover recently that Dodhemisgard actually returned to form a few years back and released a gem of an album. I absolutely loved Satanic Art EP. And then the fucking ‘666 International’ is probably still the best black metal/electronica album out there (even if it sounds a bit dated now, it’s just so fucking demented). But then people left and they released that steaming pile of shit of an album, Supervillain Outcast. I was super pissed. Such an abomination, especially as a follow up to ‘666 International’. Completely lost interest in the band after that and pretty much wrote them off. And then… BOOM:

Awww yeah!!!

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Yeap I’ve got all their stuff, long time fan here man, since 666 came out. I actually dig super villain tho. I have some old ass demo versions floating around here on a cdr of Virus’ early stuff, that were out before Carheart was even out.

Some Aussie Epicness <3

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Wow, that is something else


Hm, this one sounds just like another cool discovery, just like Convulsing back in the day! Great artwork, too.

And it’s completely free!

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found this whilst googling brakcore

I heard absolutely zero Braks there. How dissapointing.

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