any love for Alestorm here?

One of my favorite tunes of all time.

I like that track… parts of it anyway. Quirky arrangements…

I feel that this band is capable of composing the best metal tune I ever heard.

And…how à propos, eh?

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has to be one of the most interesting things I’ve heard lately… I"m not even sure what you’d call this. Really out there.

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Yup, pretty much.

i see some parallels between this and Naked City’s Torture Garden. Must be a NYC thing.

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dissonant anything is my kind of jam

check these out:

my last year aoty

then these:


Will certainly blast through these!

Speaking of dissonant, did you listen to the Convulsing album that was posted earlier in this thread? Some of the best death/dissonant metal I’ve heard in a while.

I think i listened to his first album once. Just check Coma Cluster Void, it has vocalist from Cryptopsy (second vocalist, not the first one). Too good, it’s like Ion Dissonance goes more metal.

@Artificer NYC scene is sick. Car Bomb comes from that place and it’s one of my favourite bands ever.

I will do my top 10 albums bit later, need to jam more tunes.

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(speaking of dissonant fuckery)

danza has like one good album which is Danza III but not this one

check this out

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this frontierer album is insane what the fuck?! how have I never heard of this.

car bomb is sick, but frontierer’s a cool guy, too

Now ain’t that some shit

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lol I really wanted something to the tune of

“Cannibal Corpse totally supports O’Brein being fucking metal and trying to stick it to the pigs”

So I guess I’m kind of late to the Archspire party. This shit is so over the top ridiculous (speed rapping, anyone?) and I really shouldn’t like it, but…I do. I really do. To be that fucking fast and yet still manage to write hooky memorable shit is pretty incredible.

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I think I don’t get it. All the super tech-y stuff just sounds like people practicing scales to me, and I literally end up giggling when they start the goofy cookie monster tough guy vocals. As much as I try, this just isn’t the genre for me. There’s some stuff from Death, Carcass, Gorguts, etc that I like that’s pretty technical, but I feel like Archspire, et al are considerably different in terms of feel. It doesn’t even sound heavy to me; it’s not nearly as punishing as grindcore, but it’s the similar tempo. I dunno. Here’s some Japanese doom with Spanish lyrics and harp.

Yeah, I can totally understand that. For me, it’s a mood thing. I love Gorguts and probably a lot of this kind of music that you gravitate towards, but it’s very demanding. You can’t put that on as background music and go about your day. I already need to be in that kind of mood and I need to sit down and listen to it. I’d lump Imperial Triumphant that was posted previously into the same bucket. Deathspell Omega. Etc. But this Archspire shit…it’s fun. It’s been my working out background music. And it’s been hitting the spot lately, as I’m squatting or whatever. It cracks me up.

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