IDMf Pets

    Good to know nostromer that you have a home.  My unit rent is secure but the no pets clause in the lease applies.  I hope all works out well for you


Nadia [Nebelung] - stands with the LGBTQ crowd

Chloé [Siamese] - the sweetest, softest and derpiest kitteh ever

I called that little guy Chubbs. He loved to come troll the cats.


Our chonky tuxi cat Paula Deen aka the Butter Queen aka the Majestic Land Orca photoshopped into the Free Wily poster. My gf got this printed of framed for me <3



Rudy, Codename Twat.


Rufus, the greatest dog in the world.


LMAO at that shop


A friend sent us this cat scratcher…


Lol that’s fuckin’ brilliant


The cats are skeptical ( we have five) but its hilarious…the platter spins which is freaking them out lol




If there isn’t a name, I recommend “Cow dog”


Cowgirl, bumbles and nelldog are some of her nicknames, but her real name is Penelope and she thinks she’s the star of the show all the time


This thread for pets, not selfies :smiley:



Wtf is goin on


sad to say, but Little Itchikoo just past away in my arms. Rest in Peace little one.


sorry to hear this :frowning:


Had to scroll up to remind me what/who Itchikoo was. Rest in peace little fluffy. How old at the end, 8 or so?


About 8 1/2.


Decent innings for the wee fella, he was well looked after :slight_smile: