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We love our animals. Show us your critters!


She looks ornery in this but it’s one of those uncharacteristic pics, she’s a sweetie. Our other cat is a lil bitch though.






I found Giuliano’s doppelgänger


I got a harness for my dragon :stuck_out_tongue:

He seems not amused as usual.


Das Tulee



Currently serving the frisbee addiction to my parents labrolady

+She’s been slimed by my great Dane lol


When you want to go to the toilet but your cat says no.


Is that a maine coon? Fuck s(he)'s beautiful. lovely feline :slight_smile:


He’s my boy Giuliano, 11 Kg of Maine Coon, sleeps on my chest…


And these are my other two, Old Man Skinny, now 18

And my mixed Maine Coon girl Black Mae




it WILL EAT you.


ha ha!

I like especially that they kill and eat larger spiders that enter the house from the garden. They are, apparently, quite venomous, while still perfectly harmless to humans (their fangs are too small to penetrate human skin).

If food supply is scarce, they turn to cannibalism, - which keeps the population manageable.

All in all I’m very satisfied with having them as pets, and make an effort not to vacuum them when cleaning:)


Hope you don’t sleep with your mouth open.


Dude, 2 grams of protein isn’t going to make you fat


This is Itchikoo or Smoo for short. These pics were taken when he was 2. He’s 7 now


Someone internet people doing photoshops of our “majestic land orca” Paula Deen:


Dude, many of you have a cat. Maybe you need to be not musicians but programmers (this is such a trend that programmers have cats)