IDMf Pets


When my wife feeds her early and I try to work on music during -2hr dinner time :slight_smile:


New addition to the family, his name is Mikus the Ficus, or mike for short. After running over the rug with the lawn mower, I needed something to cover up the torn bits.


Costumiers have a huge cat thing.
My wife makes costumes and there’s a dedicated “sewing cats” community


I am the death of plants, seriously, you want to kill one, give it to me with detailed maintenance instructions, I’ll follow them to a T and still the plant will die.


We have five, if you are asking me…


This fine fellow (named Leroy) keeps things calm around our place. I call him chill-roy, because he’s so good at staying chill. Definitely positive vibes for the home studio!


I <3 Chill-roy!


Giuliano and I are training for ‘Raise your cat like Simba’ day.


He looks resigned to his fate.


He is.


He looks hangry


That’s a nice dog you got there


My overgrown forest :heart::heart::heart::heart: home :house: to 2 2⃣ guppies :fish: and 7 7⃣ shrimp :shrimp:


Nice, I’ve never had live aquatic plants before (and I don’t want to get an aquarium right now as I’m looking to move in the next year or so) but how is that? I see you have a co2 drip there right? Is the light special too?