IDMf Open Genre Comp - Submissions CLOSED


I imagine you saying this while casually holding up a white russian with a smirk


How about a Rumple Minze on the rocks?

Stems from Groove Rider GR-16 app just got sorted in my DAW. shakes head this track is going to be fucked up. I’m sorry.


Fuck it til the rooster crows.


You fucking raggedy bastards can still squeeze a choon out of me…


Main recording complete. Just got tidying and details to sort out now. Its really stupid.


so spent about 2and a half hours just on the intro this morning!
sounds damn good,had a little trouble with the synth i was playing to the korg pattern,sounded great while recording.but high tinny nonsense on the it sorted though…


Still not sure if I’m going to sub the song yet. See what I come up with in the next few days I guess.


Yeh you are.


Just sent mine in. Now, back to other stuffs. \o/


checks deadline

well I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend XD

Fuckin’ procrastimaster over here…


double checks deadline…shit!


Yeah, too much other stuff going on in my life atm, I have nothing so far, and I don’t want to squeeze one out just to try to get on the comp. If inspiration hits I will give it a solid try this week, but I think I will have to settle for promoting this bad-boy-to-be and listening to all the awesome shit you guys come up with.


I’ll have something in for this, beatless this time, eurorack composition. Wrapping it up tonight. Just throwing my hat in.


…It’s up.


Mixing mine down today. I realised I’m out of time given tasks and activities I have on for the rest of the week.


I broke the link I sent but emailed a new one. The bassdrum was a bit loud, I dropped it by 2db and mixed it down again, hence the need for last minute fiddling. I feel dirty for quietening a bass drum.

Point and laugh if it is inaccessible but it should be fine and dandy :slight_smile:


so working quite hard on my submission,ran into a problem with the bpm…midi won’t sync.
BUT…should be able to figure it out.little confusion with midi in and out,usb midi (ugh noisy)and just plain midi…wtf…onward


Had a few probs tonight. Doing some more takes of the vocals, as I wasn’t completely happy with the one I had set for submission, which I thought was the best out of the six takes that I’d previously done. Have a mic cable problem, and don’t have enough time to get a replacement. So, I’ve just gone through the other takes and luckily there’s a couple of good ones, so I will give them another run through the FX unit tomorrow.


Haha yeah. Think same boat. I keep listening to mine and want to attempt a re-mix of one element. At least see what it would do. Seems ok but also may be standing out too much.


FWIW, I’m checking all of these as they come in and I don’t hear any duds yet. It has me doubting both of the tracks I was considering, but I decided to roll with one that had good external feedback.