IDMf Open Genre Comp - Submissions CLOSED


Need to get my sub in. How are we labeling the file:
Artist-Title-Genre-IDMF 60 Open Genre Comp or Title-Artist-Genre-IDMF 60 Open Genre Comp.
It doesn’t say on the submissions page. Cheers.


we will finesse the filenames and the metadata in post, but for easy initial listening and identification, artist-title works. artist-title-opengenre works too.

BTW, it is not 100% if this will be IDMf60, there are a few things in the works for artist releases.


O.K. Cheers.


I might say fuck it to work tomorrow and see if I can come up with a track.


Don’t you teach english? WhAt If KiDs StArT tHiNkInG iTs OkAy To RiGhT lIeK dIs?

Holy crap that’s hard. Is there a font for that yet?


I do, but I don’t teach on Friday. I normally work on freelance jobs on Fridays. I can usually get away with saying fuck it on a Friday now and then if I play a little catch up like Sunday morning or something.


In any case, I hope to see a track from you. It’s looking like I’m going to submit something that isn’t house, so we won’t have that sweet sweet tag if someone else doesn’t do it.


lol I was actually going to not do house…maybe not even four to the floor. I did have an idea this evening for a vocal to go with a four to the floor dance track


Ah, that’s fine. I’ll get ready to get creative with the tags in other ways that are… true misrepresentations.


now I kinda feel like I’ve got something I have to live up to, hahahaha


alright you cunts, I’ve started something on GR-16 iPad app…youre lucky I used to love you…


Give it up you know you’ll never quit us… <3


man…I gotta get something going this weekend. I have a bunch of bits but nothing that is inspiring me to a full track. too much other shit in live atm. Perhaps on Sunday I can lock myself in here until I come up with something worthy.


due to unforseen consequences,i will be redoing my track with added style and sexiness.
so yeah!


You mean you want to use the new toys in it :smiley:


@Roo_Stercogburn I was thinking that very same thing.

I think I’ve got my track pretty much finished. Just need to do some rearranging, etc.


wouldn’t you?


haha, yes of course, I was just torched and playing with ya’ll


Oh fuck yeh. I was just translating :smiley:


No you weren’t. Get to it, the Dude approves.