IDMf Open Genre Comp - Submissions CLOSED


Hey hey, the public has spoken and our next release will be an open genre compilation! So bring out your particular flavor of A-game to this comp and submit what you want! Submissions deadline is Nov. 17th. We plan to release before the EOY, and with the holidays and all it would be nice to be wrapped up and released by mid-Dec. We have not decided on how to handle track selection on this 100%, it may depend on the number of tracks. I will update this thread when we have a decision.

The netlabel team is looking forward to your contributions!

Editing to post the link to our submission policy, as some may not be aware, or just forgot:


Fun fact: we had our first submission come in this morning.

How long are the rest of you slowpokes going to wait?



at least until the day of the deadline!


open comp woohoo

keen bean


You could always do it like you did the collaboration release, where you put 30 second clips of all the tracks, and we had a certain number of votes (can’t remember how many, but would depend on how many are submitted) and we voted for our favorite tracks and the top however many went on the release, letting the community decide.


That was @metaside, but yes…to a degree.
Meta brought up a point about compatibility back to back without sounding like you’re flinging the tuner on a radio.



Any way that 30 seconds might get extended to a minute or a minute 30? I buy tracks on beatport based on a minute 30 preview. Personally not the biggest fan of this method (though in some regards I see the logic logistically).


Haha yeah, I member… but I only did the audio/video previews - I thought nostro was talking about the snippets for the selection process?

Longer preview/snippet time sounds good to me for sure!


I was :slight_smile:

(for the poll previews)

I can imagine it’s a bit of work. If we collectively decide to do previews, might be good to update the post / submission rules to offer the ability for an artist to provide their own, otherwise we can pick.




That was just about the audio and video previews, not the snippets - I tried to look for the video preview I made for that release rn but I can’t find it anymore - seems like someone already deleted it from the IDMF YT…?

Edit: well it was something like that but for the Date Nite release:


Ah, yeah.
I don’t see any issue with 1.5 min artist made demo for voting.



I forgot about that aspect honestly.


Hey guys. Sorry that I was away/sleeping for most of this conversation on the voting. I would like to steer this back to a discussion of the comp though There is already an internal discussion going on how to handle the track selection. First though, we need some tracks to consider, so who is in on this? :sunglasses:


As you asked. Basic composition is done. I’ve just finished writing the lyrics. I now have to go back over the arrangement to tailor it to the lyrics. Then learn the song and get the vocals sounding how I want them, and some other bits, that I want in the song.It does take longer than a day to write a song in most cases, even if this has come together quite quickly. Then again, if you’re already talking about back to back compatibility, then it’s unlikely that this is suitable anyways.


I have three tracks in various stages that aren’t on my album right now, so I should have something in any case. My favorite is about 1/3 to 1/2 done right now.


I think compatibility has never been an aim of open genre compilations, so i wouldn’t worry about that. The issue mentioned above was only related to a video preview and has absolutely nothing to do with this upcoming release! So just make some music people! :smiley:



I can never make any promises. Carving time out for music feels more and more difficult these days. Though currently my studio is held captive by a foster kitten so I’m “limited” to breakfast nook beats.