IDMf Netlabel Demo Submission Policy


Who Can Submit to the IDMF Netlabel?

All registered users can submit their work to the IDMF Netlabel.
Seniority and Tenure are not determining factors in submission permission.

If the Netlabel is unfamiliar with a submitter, the Netlabel follows the following actions to consider acceptance of the submission.

  1. The Netlabel checks that the submission comes from a registered member.
  2. The Netlabel checks that the submitter has shown some level of interaction within the community This does not mean they have to have posted - we look at all activity showing interaction metrics. What it means is we’re checking for just “technically present” (registered with no, or almost no, activity), and spam registrations/submissions.
  3. And finally, when there are still questions, or uncertainties, the Netlabel reaches out privately to the submitter for clarification, and if there is still some uncertainty, then the Netlabel team discusses the matter and comes to a decision regarding the submission (which will be made known to the submitter).

How To Send Submissions to the Netlabel?

All IDMf Netlabel demo submissions should be sent to

For open submission Netlabel VA compilations leave -3 to -6dbfs peak on your clean (no fx) master channel.

It is also ideal if you send it in at 24 bit 44.1 Khz. (Sending at greater than 24 is not a problem, and less than this can be managed, but your quality will suffer, so please do attempt this standard).

For other submissions (those you cook up on your own) you may self-master and enlist someone else to perform this task and send those demos.

Please send a streaming link, no attachments. Please include artist name and forum name if they are different.

If you are submitting work for a Single Artist Release and not a Community Release, please tell us about yourself (the artist) and the release.

License Agreement

IDMF Netlabel uses Creative Commons Attribution Alone.

The Agreement Clause is comprised of the following

  1. The license is non-exclusive and permits IDMF Netlable to commercially and non-commercially share the content in any way it sees appropriate, and to distribute it alone, in part, or in whole with a compilation through any medium of distribution, and does not require IDMF Netlabel to distribute compensation from any such applications.
  2. You retain copyright ownership of your content and are freely permitted to share your content in any manner which you choose. IDMF Netlabel is not permitted to claim copyright ownership of the content which you submitted to IDMF Netlabel.
  3. IDMF Netlabel is restricted, by this license, from entering into any license with another entity which would violate this license agreement between you and IDMF Netlabel, however, IDMF Netlabel is permitted to enter into additional commercial and non-commercial license agreements with other entities which do not violate this license.

Liability Clause is as follows

  1. IDMF Netlabel receives content on good faith that the submitter has the right to submit all of the material in the content to IDMF Netlabel, and IDMF Netlabel is not to be held liable for breaches of copyright or licensing that are caused by a submitter’s submission. Repercussions involving such breaches are the responsibility of the individual(s) supplying the content. In such cases where breaches are discovered, IDMF Netlabel will attempt to remove the content where possible.

IDMF Netlabel Team

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IDMf058 - Open Submissions - CLOSED!