IDMf Open Genre Comp - Submissions CLOSED


Working on mine as I type this. It involves synths.


That being said, Imma see about recording something filthy for ya.


How feelthy? We talking mild distortion or full-on got-your-own-allotment?


Depends on how high I turn the overdrive and distortion knob on my Monostation : )


So finished the rearranging. Just recorded a take with the vocals, which went pretty well all things considered. Like not having sung in months, or since my acute tonsillitis. ear and jaw infection, no compressor, and still reading the lyrics. Luckily it’s a very mellow song, so I’m singing in a hushed voice, to match the track. The whole thing is recorded into one stereo track at the same time. I always find it’s more glued that way, and I pretty much nailed it on the second take. Ran a quick master on it, so have a copy to listen to and learn the lyrics off by heart. Must remember to start a new project with the recorder set to 24 bit.


Given the location he has to work in, I am thinking dirty break-fast.


Stop reading my mind weirdos! I was thinking of doing a breakbeat/drumstep/bleep n bass thing.


I’ve actually made two songs dedicated to breakfast in the past.


It is the meal of champions ™, Copryight 2019 @ relic


I’ve got a nasty juno stab with oodles of resonance using it’s own level to control a massive reverb send. Think “Indo Silver Club” in terms of tone, but bigger and dirtier.


Bigger and Dirtier.

Album title right there.


It is the meal of champions ™, Copryight 2019 @ relic

Those tracks were written circa 2006 and 2008 respectively. But you can have the 2019 breakfast™ … I’ll allow it.


IDMf’s Bigger and Dirtier

I wish that were actually a theme (still open genre). I wish that were the decided title. IDMf doing distorted, bitcrushed, durty af beats. Yes please.


Dood that is really cool. Not sure if we should try to steer this comp in a direction since we already made it full on open, but for the next time around I will pimp this idea to the rest of the NL. I think a thematic open genre is a great idea, and this in particular is the shiz.


Well , even though I’m over half way done on mine, and it’s as mellow as, I would actually be o.k with this, but you’d have to change it now, then at least we still have a whole month to do it. I’d probably throw some of the CERN samples into it too.I actually prefer open genre to a theme to be honest. It’s nice to have something to work to. And while we talking about themes, any chance of an IDMF Chill Out Album in the future.


Oh no dont change anything now. Way too late. But for next time if might be cool


I definitely have something but I’ve been shooting at a multi-track thing.


I haven’t discussed this with the team yet, so don’t take my word as binding, but I would be against changing the album. We had a vote, this idea won. We’ve made announcements here and the forum facebook page about it. Kinda late to put this cat back in the bag or change its stripes now.


Absolutely. I honestly never intended it as a series suggestion : )


Idmf comp titles:
Breaking the threshold
Simpler operator
Across the spectrum

Anything music production related