IDMf Open Genre Comp - Submissions CLOSED


what about “Used Anal Toys $50 OBO”


Hey guys, I put out a call for title suggestions in the Cover Art thread. We can concentrate there on the overall aesthetic of the name/cover combo. interesting suggestions so far!


Seems enticing enough. I don’t see any real reason why I can’t have something submitworthy by 11-17.


This! definitely this!


Tapped into the submissive side!


Hmm I have 3 potential tracks for this. Have to choose one and focus :smiley:


You could take certain parts from each track and mesh them into an entirely different arrangement altogether!!


same here,but 3 entirely different tracks,much busy nonsense going on and hmmmm…which one to
brute force my manic mind into?..i should really pay more much time do we have?
how difficult can it be?


Luckily I only have the one track I started with. Just running back to back vocal takes, till I get them to sit how I want. Almost nailed it a couple of nights ago, but not quite. Will do some more takes tonight. Still about 21-22 days to go depending where you are.


I have one track that’s about 80% done, then had an idea for something totally unlike what I usually do that I got the bones of down this morning. If it goes well I could sub either.


Think I’m in the same boat. Working on stuffs but nothing completed. Still plenty of time though. Have a few in mind.


I have some prototypes to develop. I’ll definitely get something in for this :slight_smile:

excited to hear what everyone comes up with! :beers:


sounds good everyone, looking forward to hearing what you all come up with! I have not gotten something started myself…just need to find the time.


Settled on a track today.
working on it today…


Need some peace to record the shouting.


Settled on one. Its ridiculous but has survived at least 3 morning-after tests.

Weirdly its coming in at -9 with ease when normally I’m struggling to keep it under -6. I don’t usually go much above that but I’m usually having to keep things in check. Not this time it seems.

More shouting and stuff to record, hopefully this weekend.


worked on mine quite a bit yesterday,but found myself spending far to much time freestylin with the modwheel and clips.


Recorded lots today. Its pretty fucking stupid.



Stupid good!