IDMf Open Genre Comp - Submissions CLOSED


mine is hot garbage yo lol



@white_noise apologies, if i get my new version, I get it in. Otherwise the one I sent if completely fine. I really just want to do some edits to my piano and dB of the same portion. Some parts are really bothering me. Will reply to the email I sent a bit back and make the other version hidden, so no confusion, if I get there(and you haven’t already DL’d).


started a new track hope its fire fam


Doubtful i will finish in time,but thats ok.i can use it for either my ep or something else.
i has been fun though,a learning experience for sure,trying to get it done by a certain date.
who knows maybe i will have something quality by the end of Sunday.
right now the mix is a bit questionable,and there seems to be a glitch in the replay?
i will get it sorted.but im not exactly joey lightning on tracks!



I look forward to hearing what wizardry you drop with that rack skill.


Alright. I sub’d. I haven’t cranked out a track in a one day mega session in a while so it might be trash lol.


Hey there ladies and gents, we are getting down to the wire here! send those subs off soonest!


Ok everyone it is officially no longer the 17th anywhere in the known world, so the submissions are now closed.


2 of the admins are 3 days late and might be interested in asking a personal extension until 24/11, seeing as they only started last week…

@Roo_Stercogburn tagging you for no particular reason, but also tagging @RFJ and @relic to make the guessing game more interesting.


Are you sure on that math?

Unless maybe you’re counting Wayne in there as well but, I doubt it.



@Auto-meh-geddon I submitted mine. Do you mean the thing I was doing based on the thing you did that’s unexpectedly turned out crazy awesome?


That would be admitting that we were involved and it would give away too much, but in a nutshell yes.


I subd but Ive got a better version already and have some additional notes for changes Id try out given more time. Im neutral though. Id resub if given the chance but I can live w what I subd already


lol, yea, 4 admins and 3 of them already posted, i think. =D

wonder who it is.

/me looks @Auto-meh-geddon


behind the scenes idmf conspiracy.i call shenanigans!
well except auto…and wayne…rfj…relic…