IDMf Netlabel Comp: Release Date Announced!


Yes please & thank you!!


Alright, we have some interest, so we are going to give everyone a few more days to get something in. Let us make it a nice, easy to remember date, and day May 31.


Awesome, bud. I don’t know the original sub count, so far but I can say…Hopefully there are more. i’m personally getting ear-F’d on my current project. So I’m hoping to take it more simple and get something felt out faster.

I definitely agree with RFJ. Make something. Start today, start tomorrow. There’s nothing about the title of the project that should stop anyone here. We may not get accepted but we all could/can make something neat. ;)\

Edit - out of the people chatting currently, I feel like anything I make will be meh. But I can’t wait to finish my mis-thoughts and hear the outcome of the release. But we push on anyway. =D


Everybody’s their own worst enemy. Tell your brain to fuck off and create what your heart feels like creating.


Mine is factually meh, but I submitted it with my sheer will of DGAS. What really matters is the synth presets we made along the way.


Glad it got extended. I simply forgot to submit mine lol.


Just gotta say that it’s really nice to see everyone being supportive in our community! It’s inspirational, and delivers a breath of fresh air that seemed to have gotten lost ages ago! This could be our year to turn things around :clap:t5:


I’ve finished one track, I think. But it’s a newer one that wasnt my intended, originally. Going to take another whack at the one I thought I’d use.

But basically I thought this was funny/interesting. I upload mine to to be pulled from. SC is saying #jazz #freejazz, which I’ve never had it tell me before. It’s usually #hip hop +.

But anyyway, hopefully you guys are having a good time getting some last week/day stuff done. :wink:



And hopefully whatever it is has enough bass. =D


Submit for the next
Want to do some Bb before


Aaaalright, down the wire again! Last day for submissions, so get them in by midnight PST latest!


Sorry - I believe the last day is tomorrow, as you mentioned in this post earlier? I’m submitting tomorrow, because I’ve been busy seeing friends again and getting retarded drunk almost nonstop since Friday night. My brain is mush today… urrrgh


I’ve been busy, going to check subs tomorrow.


OMG you are right, my calendar is totally screwed up. Today (the tomorrow of yesterday) if what I meant, so get anything in by midnight tonight PST folks!


Alright, submitted…!

And with a solid 2½ hours left to go :laughing:


Nice! I can’t wait to give all the subs a first listen.


I just pulled down the songs that I had access to. So, last call, if you haven’t had an email response from me, we haven’t seen your track. Let me know if you have something ASAP, we would love to see it.


I marked the topic as “submissions closed” but as WN said, if you submitted something but have not heard back, get in touch with him ASAP.


good luck to everyone. due to the “genre,” I’m hoping to hear some neat shit.


Hey everyone, just checking in to let you know the process is processing nicely. We have our track list almost settled, a cover is in the works, and we are getting close! More details to come shortly.