IDMf Netlabel Comp: Release Date Announced!


IIRC, I really wanted your song on the album last year, so I hope you submit again.


Yay idm idm idm idm idm idm idm idm idm…

That is all, nothing to add but pure enthusiasm


haha, ignore my whining : )

I’ll be submitting. Had a sudden burst of creativity last night as I said.


this is an IDM label ? !?

:smirk: <3


IDM or not IDM, my entry is in anyway, good luck peoples



Ok, my track is recorded and arranged - now on to my least favorite part: Mixing.

I have always been terrible at it and just can’t bring myself to practice a lot more as the whole process just bores me to tears.

I once had one of my tracks mixed by a guy that knew what he was doing and it totally advanced it from amateur level to more than halfway professional sounding. A good or even decent mixing engineer can make all the difference - unfortunately I’m a hobbyist and can’t afford such a luxury so you’ll have to deal with my very rough mix… :grin:


No worries, look forward to hering your track. :smiley:


Hey, just to get back to you all on the cover topic: We decided to check out some of the existing artwork that has been submitted for past projects, especially from the ambient sample pack that did not get off the ground, and there is a lot of quality work already here. We are working on a few design options, and will reach out to the artists for confirmation that we can use them soon.


I’ll be submitting mine soon. It’s a single track from a group of stuff I’ve been writing over the last however long. I’ve been having a blast. Hoping to extend my list over the next few months.

I can’t wait to hear what everyone came up with. And I hope some of the people that are doubting themselves or the amount of time they have, would sub too. EX: Noise is fun with some interesting counterpoints to it. :wink:


Submitted. :grimacing:

Can’t believe it’s the first thing i actually finished since last year’s comp…


I as well hope we get to hear the sub’s, which probably wont happen!

Getting close to finishing something up as well after @RFJ encouragement! Good luck in the final stretch all!


I have submitted mine today,. I think it’s been ages since I have not submitted a track here, I hope it will make it :wink:
Good luck to finish your tracks everyone!


I’m aiming to send mine before EOD tomorrow.


I just went through those who have submitted so far and pulled the songs down, checked the files, etc. No worries to those of you who haven’t submitted yet, I’m just going to be busy tomorrow.


Either double check your submission, or feel free to PM me as I am the one putting the package together to send to all the mods/arbiters of excellence. My apologies to you all for leaving the subs until now, but I have been kept very busy IRL, especially this last week. The deadline snuck up on me and I’m helping to run this show.

Is anybody working on something, but just too close on time?


Ah! Deadlines! We are here my friends, the official last day. To that end however, I got one PM already asking about an extension on this, and my track is not finished either, so there are 2 people interested in an extension. :slight_smile: I propose 2 weeks more for subs. Would that help anyone else get something finished? The more feedback, the more likely we will extend, so speak up!


I already submitted but if people need an extension, why not? The more submissions, the better, right? :sunglasses:


I’m still working on mine. Hopefully finishing it today but would definitely take some more time.


I submitted as well, but would love some time to do edits haha


Always in favor of extending deadlines! ^^