IDMf Netlabel Comp: Release Date Announced!


Thank you. I appreciate it. To me IDM is like Uziq and Prefuse73 so lol…


Lol same here…but also woulg…and maybe lusine.


How are them subs coming along folks? :star_struck:

I have mine still in the “finding the right sounds” phase, but it is coming along. It feels cute, might demo later idk.


Working on something but I’m debating about abstaining because of my past posts.

My reason Sets a bad precedent…
Or am I making too much of a big deal out of it…

I mean I’ve seen worse…like le idmf dick pic bonanza via erik the red but the buck has to stop somewhere.


until you mentioned something specific I didn’t even know what you were talking about…it wouldnt be an IDMf comp w/o you : )

As for myself, I’m trying to get myself back to that music making spot, I need to not rely on “manic” episodes of creative energy. The submission deadline is also basically my grade submission deadline for finals. I’d like to submit something even though I’m still pretty flummoxed over what IDM is anymore. You might get something outdated sounding again from me lol. Less breakcore but maybe a bit more Prefuse73


I think mine is where I want it. Need to listen again today, check levels, etc, but I might be subbing in the next day or two.


well sent mine in. good luck peeps. looking forward to hearing some new idm music 2021 :smiley:


I’d say I’m 65% done with my submission.


I did a prefuse 73 woulg post rock hybrid…or at least I tried to…


Autechre started off making glitchy techno/hip hop…beats and they are idm.

Also Prefuse 73 is sorta similar to windowlicker so is early flying lotus

Idm is like for the kind of music that could be anything but at the same time it doesnt belong to any specific genre…

So @relic I think whatever you made/ will make is idm. So dont worry to much about technicality


Thanks, yea, was listening to some Prefuse73 today. I probably wont got he sampled route just in case don’t want to get the label in trouble but I came up with an idea that interests me. We will see how it how it turns out. It’ll defo be based in a non-IDM genre but different enough it won’t fit the original genre too much. That’s the goal anyway.

But yea…IDM (to me) has always kinda been all that music that just doesn’t fit anywhere else.


Yeah, the definition of IDM is hard to pin down for sure. There are several “styles” of IDM to my mind, the fast, breakbeat, acid stuff, the slower ambient stuff, and then the glitchy microedit kind of stuff…I tend to lean towards the ambient side of things, probably because I have limited skills at glitchy/breakbeat stuff. :sweat_smile:




How are the WIPs progressing y’all?

I submitted a reasonably crazy something a few days ago.


I haven’t started yet besides I have an idea in my brain. There is still a chance I might sneak something in but I’ve got a boat load of grading that needs down between now and 11 May. I’d be better off if I submitted to working in my DAW only–I recently dismantled the cabling of my hardware to change things up.


Alright you cunts, I started something. It’ll probably be too old school for you again though lol don’t hate chopped breaks!


Man been on the fence about this, don’t think I am IDM enough for this. Good luck tho bro! Can’t wait to hear it


Thanks but I really hope you are going to submit something! Seriously, if you are not IDM, I don’t know who is!


Can only speak for myself, but everybody loves chopped breaks!


I think we should put this whole I don’t make IDM thing to rest. If you listen to Selected Ambient Works vol 1, arguably the most IDM thing ever made as it defined the genre, it’s basically a chillout downtempo record. Just make what you make and submit it I say.