IDMf Netlabel Comp: Release Date Announced!


**Release Date Announced, click here! **

Well folks a year has past since our last forum artist compilation; IDMf 062: Forms. It seems round about time to do another one, don’t you agree? Of course you do.

The netlabel team has been tossing a few new ideas around but we keep coming back to is how much fun we had, and what great results we got from you all in our last IDM themed comp. So heck, we are an IDM forum right? How about… :drum:unnecessary drum roll please :drum:……a followup IDM comp!

Based on your stellar submissions last go-around we in the team are convinced this forum can produce another top notch IDM comp with one arm tied behind our collective backs. So without further ado, here are the details:

Theme: IDM, any way you like it.

Submission Deadline: May 15

Submission process: IDMf Netlabel Demo Submission Policy

So start up your DAWS, grab those patch cables, break out the field recorders and let’s show the world what IDM means in 2021!


Just in time for Spring Break, forget the beers and booby girls, I’ll be making glitches for the IDMf Netlabel Comp!


I normally don’t take a shot at our actual IDM albums, but I must admit I haven’t had much to work on lately. Could be a good change of pace for me.


I can’t make IDM but I can’t wait to see what everyone else cooks up for this :slight_smile:


Got this roughly 50% done track that doesn’t fit in the album I’ve been working on for release later this year, so it may very well be sent your way :slight_smile:


Maybe Take a page out of all the youtube house mixes…and put a hottie in a bikini as the album cover. Jk…

Cant wait to listen to what ppl come up with.


Didn’t Aphex Twin do that already?


That is still the most disturbing shit in electronic music history lol


Dude, just make something in your stride, but do some interesting bit and edits to it. You might think you’re outside the box but your box can be in the same pile. A noise related, chopped up drums, maybe some glitchy sounding drums. Whatever :slight_smile:

That’s always my intent. I like melodic and hip hop drums. Try to do some stuffs in-between simply writing out sounds. Edit it up, etc. I wouldn’t say it’s IDM either but flaired? Not that anything I make will be collected.

But the more the merrier and the whole outside the box bit. :wink: Imagine taking a noise piece and having it pitch into some ambientish trip hop drums. might be fun to play around.


What BBB said. :slight_smile: I myself did not land on the last IDM comp, but I learned a lot making a submission, and will be submitting to this one as well. I am not sure which track yet, but I have a few in progress. Who else has something going already?


I have a few days of work into two pieces. I have like a dark ambient thing that has really taken off, think I’m going to roll with that one.


Cool, was hoping for another one since Vol. 1 was released! :grin:

Are we allowed to submit a track when we already managed to get on the first compilation?


Absolutely, I expect to hear from some of you again.


@White_Noise already answered but yes, I think I speak for the admins and the Netalbel when I say we absolutely want return artists : )


Thanks for your replies, I should get to work then. :slight_smile:


Anyone want to point me toward a track they would consider modern IDM? Something from the past couple of years? I did relisten to Forms I the other day but I hardly listen to any IDM at all. Is it really all just about glitch beats? I know @White_Noise said he is working on an ambient track for this.

My entry for the first Forms release ended up being to Jungle/Breakcore ish.


is there gonna be art submissions for this? :}


You’re Intelligent and you like Dance Music, so you’re pretty good to go.

The “modern” part might be more difficult (“Username doesn’t check out”) :laughing:

Also, I’m not one to classify music genres much (as you know) but this is the type of music I look up to in 2021. 2methyl is incredibly talented and makes fantastic music, whatever its denomination:


lol, very good : )

I know IDM is harder to pin down than ever. I’ve mostly been listening to house and techno for some years as I started DJing again so I’m just totally out of the loop at the is point. I think the newest artist I can think of that might even be remotely considered IDM is Four Tet.

I will check 2methyl for sure. Thanks!


Hey Nose, yeah, we are reviewing the art we already have first though, as we have a lot of previous subs. We will decide on that very soon and make a thread if necessary.

This is not 2020 new, but check out this comp. It was released in 2015, and apparently spans the previous decade. so middle-aged IDM.

or this guy, TechDiff. Still rocking some acid beats, among other things: