IDMf Netlabel Comp: Release Date Announced!


I’ve finished one track, I think. But it’s a newer one that wasnt my intended, originally. Going to take another whack at the one I thought I’d use.

But basically I thought this was funny/interesting. I upload mine to to be pulled from. SC is saying #jazz #freejazz, which I’ve never had it tell me before. It’s usually #hip hop +.

But anyyway, hopefully you guys are having a good time getting some last week/day stuff done. :wink:



And hopefully whatever it is has enough bass. =D


Submit for the next
Want to do some Bb before


Aaaalright, down the wire again! Last day for submissions, so get them in by midnight PST latest!


Sorry - I believe the last day is tomorrow, as you mentioned in this post earlier? I’m submitting tomorrow, because I’ve been busy seeing friends again and getting retarded drunk almost nonstop since Friday night. My brain is mush today… urrrgh


I’ve been busy, going to check subs tomorrow.


OMG you are right, my calendar is totally screwed up. Today (the tomorrow of yesterday) if what I meant, so get anything in by midnight tonight PST folks!


Alright, submitted…!

And with a solid 2½ hours left to go :laughing:


Nice! I can’t wait to give all the subs a first listen.


I just pulled down the songs that I had access to. So, last call, if you haven’t had an email response from me, we haven’t seen your track. Let me know if you have something ASAP, we would love to see it.


I marked the topic as “submissions closed” but as WN said, if you submitted something but have not heard back, get in touch with him ASAP.


good luck to everyone. due to the “genre,” I’m hoping to hear some neat shit.


Hey everyone, just checking in to let you know the process is processing nicely. We have our track list almost settled, a cover is in the works, and we are getting close! More details to come shortly.


Know this is might be a silly question, but have emails been sent out to those whom you all are moving forward with? Since the community that visits here has had no input as to the song choices, is there a chance that the songs the label is not moving with can be given a some form of sorry we are not moving forward with your release, thanks for your time?

Sorry much like alanis morissette the anticipation is killing me hahaha :laughing:


We just finished track selection, we will be doing a public post of the selected tracks, ask selected artists to confirm we have the right names/spelling, etc. That will be coming Soon ™


Can’t wait! :smile:


The time is almost upon us! The work behind the scenes is nearly complete, and FORMS: IDM Vol. 2 (as we are officially calling it) is ready to have a release date:

Wednesday July 14!

That’s right, one week from today your patience will be rewarded with a tight set of 8 tracks (peep the track list
here) created by your fellow forumites, curated for your enjoyment by your netlabel team, and lovingly bound in a cover featuring the artwork of our own @Unk_Nown! Waiting a whole week is hard though, so we want to reward your patience with a little sneak peek of the artwork:


Trust me, the whole thing looks even cooler. So stay tuned next week when we drop FORMS: IDM vol. 2! While you wait, don’t forget we have a huge back catalog of albums (including FORMS: IDM vol. 1) all available right now for your perusal on our Bandcamp page:


i wait

eagerly for this

cause idm release

on idmf

because nu post idm core


I’ll probably be taking it live in 6 hours or so. That’s around 10:00 PM PST. But if I wait until I wake up tomorrow then it’s way late for our friends in Europe, so I think it’s a fair compromise.