Forms Vol II Track Selection Announcement


Hey everyone, @creepr and I have been deliberating back and forth on this for weeks, talking about what even IS IDM, and we think we’ve finally come up with the tracklist that best showcases what we (and by that I mean the forums) consider IDM in 2021. At the front here, I want to say that I enjoyed every submission we got without exception, but there are some tracks in here that I feel are just on another level, and some we got that just didn’t quite fit. If you didn’t make the cut, don’t feel bad, and feel free to reach out and ask for my feedback. I’m happy to share my notes with you about what was right and what was wrong, or whether it was just a question of fit. And of course, a big thank you to all who were able to submit something!

We haven’t decided on track order yet, so here, in alphabetical order, are the selected tracks. If you have been selected and you see any spelling or capitalization errors, point them out now. What you see here is exactly what I intend to burn into the metadata when mastering is done (and I only have two songs left to do, so that is pretty close).

arcsec - makemake

ayseeyehm - thebadluck14_15d_11soundcloud

Cyber X - Schefflera

Geelist - MA

lucky one - I Don’t Mind

Relic - Endless Skry

XVF - glitchonimu

Zygadenus - Fauchre Stamber

IDMf Netlabel Comp: Release Date Announced!

:grinning: Fantastic, I’m so glad my submission was chosen!

Really looking forward to hearing everyone’s tracks - thanks @creepr and @White_Noise for your work!


Awesome, I can’t believe I’m in!
That’s very cool indeed :slight_smile:

About the capitalization errors, I usually spell my name lower case (don’t ask me why :wink: )

lucky one - I Don’t Mind




No problem, a lot of artists seem to be doing that right now.


I can only agree with White_Noise here, the submissions were really top-shelf all around. It is always hard to cut a sub, but our mission was to put a cohesive set of tracks together for a specific purpose, and I am really happy with the result. I am also more than happy to share my notes to anyone who wants them, just send me a PM.


Ohhhh, some names I’ve not seen before and I’m very curious what @relic made for this as well. :hugs:

Congrats to everyone that entered and the chosen. I’d love to hear all the tracks subbed, as well.


Its funny, I ended up with a track that I didn’t particularly like myself but thought would potentially work well for the release. Normally my instinct has been to not submit or release tracks I don’t like personally but I think are well done.

And +1 for people posting their submissions that didn’t get included in the LB. I’m always up for giving those a listen and a thought.


Congrats to those who made the cut! Can’t win all the time, eh :grin:

I have a feeling that my submission didn’t fit in… It was some weird hybrid that I almost gave up on a few times but ended up liking a lot. Or maybe you guys didn’t like it, which, frankly, is fine either way.

There was one detail that really bugged me, which I noticed after I submitted it… So that will allow me to correct it.

I will not post it here because it is quite likely to be released later.


I find it funny as well, for myself.

I had a track that I had parts to written out and kept hammering at. Then, one night I took all of the parts that were the focals and deleted them. I did try to keep my key to the left overs but once I had actually transposed everything enough, the odd ends, even simply sort of fell together, I guess.


Ditto :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


… Breath, wait and release. :grin:
Look forward to listening in to the end product.