IDMF Discord 2.0


“not quite fit in”. You’ve been a member for years, how’s that not fitting in? However, you would get kicked/banned on every discord server if you act like that, it’s nothing idmf exclusive. Just letting you know, we only got patient Roo/Gomes but then you nicknamed yourself gomi’ gomes and began your POOOPOO PEEPEEE CACA, hurr durrr gomi gomi gomi routine. This is a conversation killer. I get shitposting but it gets old quick. When you go to idmf discord expecting some discussion, even very off-topic stuff, you see this shit and it’s like “goddammit qianta not again”. New person joins - sees such chat, doesn’t know what to do… Don’t play a victim here. Man up, son.


I think you’re right, I’ll just stay away from the Discord then, and I’ll refrain from shitposting anywhere; buh bye, for now


Cat photos are greater than shitposting


I’m sure you’re aware I was referencing your shit stuffs to a degree, since I posted and you were like “anyways” afterwards. I agree with @_ms. You’ve been here for years and the forum doesn’t get it but for some reason the discord does.

2nd, whether or not you’ve thought about it, I thought initially a long time ago, it would be neat to meet up. Not that you would or will, just a thought in my brain. Not many of us are from the same regions, much less a short drive. I think then was probably an age thing. Then the whatever shit. Anyway…

@Qianta and you probably don’t care but I respect your post.


Some times I’ve been considered to be in charge around here and yet always felt I don’t fit in. You’re unlikely to ever see a Roo album or EP on a NetLabel release.

Own it, live with it, use it. You got talent to make music. Make it, share it here.

Now get over what ever existential crisis you’re having and stick around :stuck_out_tongue:


I concur. Now put the fucking lotion on.


Shitposting / making jokes ≠ spamming the chat

I still vote for more channels though, maybe someone can make a Qianta qorner where everyone just pisses on the walls so that regular discussion can still go on? It’s the best of both worlds


Qianta is gone, he asked me to nuke him out of the forum.


Sad face…fuck off.boom boo boom


Damn, I’m getting flashbacks now


I know, right?


I think good for him. No bashing. Taking a break because, to be fair, we all come back…is good.

We all make mistakes, feel our way through internet stuffs…I did it on AOL…fucking old…

As someone that hasn’t been using the Discord, has anything been updated? And I, too, would like more forum-like breaks in it. I know it had some already, but it felt like the only congregation was in the one bit.


We’re keeping an off-topic thread on there that’s going nicely. This week we’ve talked weather, how many boxes we keep from our synths, how hard it is to unlearn FL studio and use ableton, and probably some other stuff I’ve missed. It’s us, but only some of us, slightly faster, and a bit less organized. It’s good times sometimes.


This is what I like to hear : )


Existential crises suck.

Its good to be shallow as fuck.


Any chance we’re going to see a new set of channels or features or anything? @GomesR I saw is a mod now, but I haven’t seen anything changing in weeks.

We should get some features and channels going! :slight_smile:


what he said. How about a hardware talk channel? A channel for short vids of what we are currently working on would be cool, like a short “show you my project” thing. Also a netlabel channel would be awesome, Nos and I can post updates there, and link Throwback Thursdays and such. perhaps a 2nd label channel for label specific chat, questions etc?