IDMF Discord 2.0


Bye, Felicia


I’m with @xSANTAxDURSTx on this one regarding the discord server. If anyone wants to drop in there and read the recent chats of things going on, help yourself, but it’s pretty obvious that XnX is on the right side here.

Mods shouldn’t antagonize users, and that’s what was happening to him. So who mods the mods?

I think the Discord server should be either completely overhauled, or nuked. It gives the forum a bad look.


I’m having a hard time seeing any antagonization going on quite frankly. Just stated facts. If those of us on the admin team can’t state facts, we’ll, I don’t know what to say.


I’ve always been in favour of nuking it.


Dude. How is it antagonizing to ask someone to step up if they want something from the forum? And the last I report I got of the Discord is exactly what I described and that’s my reason for not wanting it.

I didn’t swear, I didn’t hurl insults. And I’m sorry but the fact is some of the discourse users were adults who couldn’t act right.

Was my tone aggressive, yes. I get that I am an admin and “in charge” but why does that mean I/we have to do everything?

The Beat Battle crew is a perfect example of what I am talking about. They wanted something out of the forum, we gave them the means to do it and they run it on their own.

The LB runs 99% on its own.


Bro I wasn’t talking about you - I was talking about IO Madness on the discord channel. He’s a “chat operator” which, I assume is a mod.


I guess Im the asshole lol sorry about that but I stand by the rest of it.

If someone in charge is being a dick on the Discord tell us so we can take care of it! I couldn’t even tell from anything whatever his name said there was an issue. It just sounded like complaining tbf like there was no mod and needed one or there wasn’t a Discord anymore. I dunno. I never used. Never had any mod powers inside it.

Ill own being an ass and misreading what was said. But PLEASE be specific and we will happily take care of things.

No one needs to out themselves, PM us!


@xSANTAxDURSTx I apologize I totally misread what you were saying and flew off the handle. Frankly I didn’t even think we had a Discord anymore. I really don’t know how to use it, I don’t think I ever had any mod or admin powers. But again if someone in charge isn’t acting right (ooooh the irony after I was a total dick) we want to take care of that.

Maybe the solution is to nuke the one that exists and start over?

My last memory was that Fid had created it and none of us had any admin or mod privileges and we couldn’t get a hold of him.

If its going to exist we defo need a 100% control over it.


The best I can offer in the short term is if someone wants to screen shot some of what went on and PM it to me I can begin to address it from this end.

Please don’t post it publicly even though I realize its basically public anyway.


Haha such flouncing. I was browsing YouTube for some comedy but turns out I didn’t need to bother.


It got a little out of hand, I was trying to make a simple point to @xSANTAxDURSTx. It was fine, then @_ms dropped in and they both got offended and I found myself being called a horrible person and having ad hominim attacks on me. I admit it got away from me a little, but certainly didn’t feel I deserved what they were saying.

Mostly I think they don’t understand my personality.

With that said, while my permissions exist as an “operator”, my existence there is merely to provide some help with maintenance of the chat, not any mod role, and my presence should not be construed with having anything to do with the idmf site. I’ve been gone for months at a time, and I take no responsibility for content posted there. Really, the chat is kind of a free for all. Whatever goes, goes, so while blame was being cast towards me, I was just trying to have my opinion heard without judgement.

In any case, I think it’s all resolved now honestly.


on the other hand i never even knew there was a thread on the site for the chat


I know Im the asshat but just gonna close this thread temporarily while we sort shit. We have some screenshots and are talking about whats up w the Discord.