IDMF Discord 2.0


IDMF Discord needs a huge revamp. If you do care about community projects allow them to exist on Discord platform too for direct communication at least. Plenty of perks just because of this. Don’t overlook this opportunity to create separate channels out there for Beat Battles, for example. Its current stage is under-moderated and it’s a huge waste of potential for the entire community. Times have changed and just having a forum is not enough. There are netlabels that exist solely on Discord and it’s enough for them to release stuff.

This is not a suggestion – this is a requirement if any of mods care about IDMf brand. Other than @Roo_Stercogburn , make more of trusty admins for that place. Can be some netlabel folks that seem to be the ones that give a fuck the most. Nobody goes there because its current stage just sucks. There’s nothing out there, it’s an echo chamber which is a shame.


It’s funny, I checked in this morning, and IDMF’s is doing the most OK of any of the music chat platforms that I’m most directly involved in (which is more a testament to how poorly I discord than how well IDMf is doing on there). Unfortunately, Discord doesn’t work great for me because I just don’t have the bandwidth to stay on top of that many conversations at once and the sort and search tools are either not as good as or I don’t know how to use them as well as the ones here. The forum is my ride or die.

That said, I am a member (low ranking and contributing almost 0) of a few cool communities on there, so I see your point and I do understand you’re talking about how much more the platform could to for us both to add here and to exist separately with it’s own little flavor of IDMf for people who can’t stand forums (which baffle me, though I know they exist).

I can’t promise anything by myself (not least because I’m not a mod, and this would be more their wheelhouse), but I will mull it over and see if I can come up with some ideas.


I don’t think I’m even a mod on the discord let alone an admin, that was way below my pay grade before the old server got nuked. I’d happily make the whole netlabel team mods and admins. I’m an Old now and some of this stuff is just never going to be me, I’ll 100% get behind letting people interested (but trusted) run that aspect of this mad house.


The discord currently was a shithole the last time I went there. Trolly, fine. Having fun, cool. Doing or saying borderline racist shit, if not full bore racist shit, leaves me uninterested.


fid had the idea to do like a interactive chat about music production and shit…discord to me is a easier platform to do that…sort of thing…but le timezones…


Pretty sure those people got banned. And the new netlabel team, Im confident, would a have a zero tolerance insta ban or close to it policy.


That’s good to know. I know some of the shits are still on the forums, which is fine. But I also know the same antics wouldn’t fly here, so a go between would have helped. get banned at x, eats it at z.


I have no issues if anyone wants to stand up and manage the discord a bit more and find a way to tie it with the forum, but it won’t be me. Having a full time job and a personal life means I wouldn’t have time to deal with it.

My concern though is that the discord should be a place for additional conversation not the place where projects live. I think there was a previous discussion about using Discord to manage the various projects but it was shot down as it was perceived as something that would have reduced forum activity.

Also, I appreciate your dig at the mod team, not sure what your point was though…


Really don’t want to be that one idea guy. This is more people’s work for sure and there’s no need to put all that effort into it IF there’s no interest at all, as simple as that. But maybe if there is more activity out there, people would see that and start just participating at least a tiny bit more. Having a forum itself is great and discord channel is just a cool extra edition. In particular for a netlabel. I’m on a label currently and we use Slack (business Discord) and it’s just a way cooler thing to make things done.

Some people feel much more confident in Discord platform so I feel it would be quite beneficial to newcomers if they decide to participate in netlabel events, other challenges, for example. It won’t become a massive thing overnight. I have no doubt that people are joining that server constantly thinking about these things then instantly leaving because there’s just nothing out there.

At the end, you don’t really need to do it just because I said so. But having a well-made presence on more platforms is really valuable.


I see what you mean, especially on the newcomers thing.
The way I see the forum is more of a community driven thing, the idea being that the mods/admin are just there to make sure you don’t tear each other apart and make the place feel like a toxic one, but apart from that, I would like ideas to come from the community, with ‘us’ just giving the green light.
So like we have a label team, we could have a discord team or an ‘in studio with’ team or a ‘ten minute challenge’ team with each project living/dying as the earn/lose traction.

Back to Discord, we might discuss it here for a while, tag those although are regularly active there so they can be part of the discussion and won’t complain if all of a sudden they start being moderates or if the discord changes and it can be taken from there.


I’m all about it. I live on discord. I’m part of a breakcore label start up that’s only been around for 3 months and almost have their 2nd community comp released on physical. There’s channels exclusive to members, scheduling, artwork discussions in real time… It’s all awesome and very fast.

Everyone knows I root for discord a lot. It’s good for day to day banter and building community more personally for some users.

There’s always the risk of toxicity of course, but nothing some discord moderation can’t fix :slight_smile:

Glad this is being discussed again, appreciate your passion for it @_ms


@nostromer Breakcore you say spam me the link to the release in a dm…


Loving the beligerant/confrontational tone.

However I do take note of the need for change. Lets see where that takes us.


I was looking at it, I think a pretty easy win would be getting the site conduct rules copied over to discord and setting up a chat bot to make sure everybody sees them when they first sign up.

A few of the threads here might make pretty good transitions as topics/rooms there like the what are you listening to thread and the what did you make today thread.

As long as it doesn’t reflect poorly on the site/label, I’m happy to add the discord server as a destination to our socials and give it a banner here to drum up some more members.


As I said above, let’s tag here the discord regulars and see how/what can be done, it’s not just about reflecting poorly on the forum, but also about not taking away from the forum.


I vote @_ms as new IDMf Discord head mod.


I second the motion


Almost every time I have gone to discord in the past 3 months or so , it’s been pretty empty.
But I think it’s mostly due to time zone differences.that being said Khan nooniun sing is the most … wait what? I second the motion, or 3rd…whatever get it done!


Maybe. @nostromer can come too.


I posted that partially in jest. I’d just want someone in charge that actually uses it is all : )