IDMF Discord 2.0


I’m not hiding the fact that I have doubts about this.
Main ones being:

  • Are we doing something just for 3 people?
  • Is this going to take away from the actual forum or add to it? From my point of view all of the above seems to just move activity from the forum to discord, which is not what I want to do.

Take @GomesR as an example, more active on Discord than on the forum, if this is anything to go by, then we would be shooting ourselves in the foot.

There is an ongoing conversation on the label, maybe Discord could be added to that discussion? We could move part of the label’s activity to that platform. Or trial it out for the Beat Battles, as it would be perfect for shorter convo or projects.

To be honest, I also see how it would be very easy to just move the forum to Discord, the thread I use the most, The Hardware Megathread, would have a perfect home there. But I struggle to see forum and discord together…


I was talking about propietary as in third party’s property outside of the original. It’s like being in the EU.


Ahhhh here I thought you asked for input from a discord user and then you example’d me. : (

Yes as I think everyone agreed, some people would use discord more than the forum, and vice versa. I’m more of a discord guy, myself. (Obviously) Still read in here. But don’t worry, not everyone is like me!

I don’t think it will take away from the forum. There was a time when the old IRC was pretty busy and I felt that it got people to be more interested in posting to the forum. Back then there was a lot more activity on the forum overall though, so maybe I’m remembering it wrong.
Doing it for three people? Maybe… although I doubt it. Won’t really know until there’s more action in there. I see a lot of names of idmf members in there. They might be inclined to utilize it more if there was more hustle and bustle. Also speaking of that breakcore server, I’m sure a lot of those folks would probably join our server just to chat with like minded folks. So, it could even be beneficial for BOOSTING membership here. That’s just one server.

And I wish there was a hardware thread in there, I’d use it as well! Even adding that one channel could have a pretty big impact tbh

Like I said though, do it, don’t do it, up to y’all.


Didn’t mean to do it in a nasty way, but you were useful to show how users could go more there than here.

Apart from the Hardware Megathread, which is NOT moving, which other thread could be useful as a test one?

I think some of the more casual ones would be a starting point, like “What are you listening to?” or the “Television thread”. Or some label or Beat Battles initiatives.
Maybe we can try a beat battles Discord edition?
Monitor the traffic a bit and see.
But what would we do with the forum thread, temporarily close it while we see how much conversation happens on Discord or keep both?


Ha no worries.

I wouldn’t move anything or shut anything down here, just try to see it more as an extension of here is all. As far as what to trial run there, that I don’t know. How many people were in on the last beat battle? A handful? Although I think it would be good for those, might not be the place to start to see a lot of traffic. Maybe though. A “what are you listening to” thread would flourish, but probably not enough to kickstart activity from current forum members in the beginning. It would likely be better to add multiple channels for some variety. Also I don’t think you’ll see massive change overnight so don’t let that discourage, it’ll be a seed planted though. It will take discord links posted in here more often to draw members in, then they’ll see the conversations taking place and engage. Or at least that’s the idea.

Everybody has their own “style” of interaction, some people like to think out and articulate their response, other people like speaking on the fly, so I don’t think it’s going to do any harm here, just open more doors.

Hey look! I’m posting on the forum again now, heh.

Edit: oh and, I’m more than glad to help moderate if rooster wants/needs. I’m on there all day, and I have the time. Just throwing it out there.


hey guys, lets meet at my local starbucks to shit post
i’ll be waiting


Cheers all. Some stuff to digest here.

Thanks for the time taken to post. As ever, life gets in the way so may not be the fastest results ever. But there will definitely be an outcome.


Could always try adding the categories over there, not threads. Like side room for shit posting, bb for current bb discussions, studio for music questions/discussions, etc. Even a community projects room or two.


While I share Auto’s concerns, if forum members actually want it and will actually use it I’m game.

I just don’t want to run it. Let me say it again, I just don’t want to run it–and this has absolutely zero to do with the forum and everything to do with I don’t want the app on my phone and I don’t want it on my computer because I’m an Old and don’t like New Things.

Can we publish a poll to the website header like is done when there is a new net label release? I bet a lot of forum members just aren’t clicking on this conversation? Or can we publish something there that will direct them to the conversation?




Relic, do you want to run it? XD




Couldn’t the admins send out moderatorship to do it all, since the between would have to be somewhat conjoined, for bans?


ms and gomesr for discord mods…do it…:slight_smile:


Gomesr is now a mod on Discord.


now make qianta a mod


I vote @_ms also gets moderatorship, him and @GomesR are discord gods



I may be a little biased but gomesr and roo,and nostromo are there quite a bit.i show up a lot more than you know,but as said before usually late.but I still support this idea.some really good ideas have been discussed.


hey @Qianta don’t dirty delete man…weak fucking sauce…inquiring minds want to know why you got banned again


its whatever, im considering leaving idmf, theres lot of cool people here, but i dont think i quite fit in; if this is to be my last post then id say thanks to everyone who found me amusing for the time being