IDM Production - Help needed


I can not understand what to use for IDM. A break, sure, but synthesizers? I have no idea. Maybe some kind of acid bass or just anything because it is IDM. I haven’t made it in 3+ years… So please if youre able to provide any tips please reply with them. Thank you.


Youtube woulg. Seamlessr. There is also a tutorial thread here. :grin:


I had no idea of that! Thank you.





To be honest just use whatever you are comfortable with. Samples or synths, whatever. I made some time ago a really trancy IDM/breakbeat song using the FB-3100 plugin iirc, the Redtron (Mellotron) plugin and Harmor.

I always recomend having a reference track by hand when making a song too.


I was trying to make the t69 breakdown synth too… The one that sounds nasally, for a bassline. Tbh idek what defines IDM i got told its “slow breakcore without the amen break”. But i’m sure thats wrong please correct me.


Even according to Wikipedia, IDM is defined more by experimentation than specific genre constraints, so it’s pretty hard to pinpoint what a good portion of IDM artists have in common, aside from their willingness to stray from the norm and just kind of do their own thing in the realm of electronic music.

Personally I still like the IDM umbrella because for a lot of us, it can represent simply blazing your own trail and putting weird things together in our own, unique ways. I remember falling in love with Merck records many moons ago and being so excited about how each artist sounded absolutely nothing like the last, but somehow they were joined by this mystical ‘IDM’ force that didn’t sound like the poppy shit that people went to the club and danced to. In fact, for a while that was my best description of the genre – electronic music, but interesting.

(side note: Lateduster, Blamstrain, Mr. Projectile and Tycho on the same label? They had it all!)

Even today, I feel like some of my favorite artists from back then would still be in the “everything else / electronic” category. If you find yourself out in no-man’s-land making electronic music, maybe you’ll have the honor of being labeled ‘IDM’ by a fan. Or not, who cares anyway?


Thank you. So basically just do what i please and that its weird?