Share any music production tips and tricks you discovered


Share any music production tip/tricks that you discovered when experimenting

@for beginners, I figured out how to get xanopticon texture idm drums…

Take a drum break, comb over the the break with a volume envelope to make it punchier, then use the processed drums as a signal, to control the volume of a weird sound made with a synthesizer…the idea is instead of spending a load of time synthesizing drums, you can take a a granulized neuro bass sample and use any drum break as a volume envelope by using the peak controller to control the volume of the desired sample in FL Studio or something similar if you are using different daw


Wavehammer everything.


creating false-arpeggiated melodies using delay FX when layered with harmonies often leads to some really good unexpected tones that normal arps won’t provide. I use delay on quarter notes in 3rd/4th counts all the time to counter rhythm things in my music. A bit of a signature experiment I’ve kept over the years.


As boring as it sounds… High pass everything with a medium slope to take out unwanted bass and tune to taste. That and think of percussion panning like you are sitting at a drum set from the drummers perspective.


I read this a lot on forums, but newbies should take it with a grain of salt. It’s a quick way to end up with a thin and brittle mix if you go overboard. Good advice, just err on the conservative side with the filtering. A lot of a sounds character can come from the 100-250 region, shelving filters can do the same job but in a less brutal fashion.


Do you have a cheap outboard compressor? Have a cheap Behringer mixer laying around for live use? Try this trick I discovered for insane pumpy screeching distorted compression.

Put the input of the compressor on an aux send, and connect its output to a track. You can use that track’s send to create a feedback loop, which results in screeching oscillating feedback with no input, but add in some drums or other rhythmic synth stuff and the results are a beautiful and chaotic fight between the signal and the feedback.


sidechaining, not only accomplished with compressors, but can also be done through an eq by sending the signal have an effect on the desired frequency

thank you @parricide


Paulstretch and then wavehammer, sometimes wavehammering before paulstretching


i took a sample of some drum thing i made and ran it through a granular synth, i played around with the timestretch algorithm and automated the parameters of the granular synth, and used the same sample loaded it into sytrus to fm mod it and had the fm mod sample modulate the granulized timestretch sample using vocodex, + distortion + highpass fliter automation + some eq

i took screenshots to better explain what i did:

and here is the resulting sound:
grain bass sound


Really nice result, very metallic, very digital!


Inspired by that I did something different on the MPC Live, took a “kick” sound, by the power of a bad timestretching algorithm I stretched it and pitchshifted it twice, resampled, fine some nice looping points.
Then I put a single drone note and side chained to the original kick (just to let you guys hear the start and end point) and filtered it, bit of resonance to get some low end, towards the end of the file you can hear the filter sweep across the sample so you can hear all the frequencies.
And a sample and hold lfo on the filter cutoff.


Tremoloing (is there such a word in English?) pads or any longer sound - but with a rhythm to the tremolo. You can achieve it with plugins or by sidechaining to a muted track, which can be a kick or some percussive sound which, if playing, would be playing a rhythm different than a typical 4/4.

Then - if tremoloing / tremolating / tremoling (!! love to play with these :smiley:) does not sound that good, trying the same with gate or filter with sidechain to that rhythmic track.