How do i music?


So you want to be a rap superstar
And live large
a big house
5 cars
you’re in charge
Comin up in the world
Don’t trust nobody
Gotta look over your shoulder constantly

-Scott Stapp


a creed to live by


I regularly use 3xOSC for basic patches. Stupid Low CPU and if you are slathering something in good fxs anyway…


There was a recent post about how to use 3xOSC for bass drops… and I totally intend to use that for some grind/slam tracks I want to make… I’ve overlooked it for years but apparently that shit is super capable.


yeah i use 3osc and fl myself.
sytrus is really good,probably most underrated.
anywho…unce unce unce unce…boom doink.


Record bowl movements and resample that sound instant dubstep


Why would I want to record bowls? Plates much better.


I have yet to come across some sub bass/dub that makes my Bowels move


Brown notes make ya poo Brown notes drop the doo.


Sick drop



Necessary music internet culture


You hands down are making some stupid good musick with Fl Studio.


I was always a Wasp/DX10 and Cytrus were my native VST go to’s for FL Studio. Oh, And Dblue Glitch, I put that on every fuckingthing that made beeps and noises.


I don’t buy it

I do my best work on a gameboy color though


Gameboy color prolly has some parts that can be recycled into DIY circuit bent build


never underestimate the level people go to for the gameboy production, haha.


There’s got to be a rule 34 for music production which states that no matter what you joke about, somebody has already done it 1,000x better than you ever could

That song sounds really good and I’m not sure if I’d have the same opinion without the video


That’s probably why there’s so many artists eager to jump at labeling themselves the pioneer of some new sub-sub-sub-genre, so they can say “I did it first” or, attempts at being a leader of some new vogue thing in any genre trend. Metal is especially guilty of this.

You see VENOM was actually the first REAL black metal band, just like we’re the first post-cascadian 3rd wave blackened gorecore alien slam

faceroll ensues


The attempt at Being the leader in some new vogue trend just winds up being some rehashed spin on some derivative like the metal polka of serj tankian and system of a down lol…what’s next the singer eats beans inserts piezo mics in their bowels and records their digestive system as vocals wtf…also wtf ppl squealing like pigs to background death metal…where does the head up assery stop ffs just keep shit to one genre rabble rabble rabble not everything should be classified into specific categories… oh hey what’s dubstep at 80 bpm it’s called chillstep come on…???really