How do i music?



you guys heard of TURBO FOLK?


This is better than most things on the radio, I approve


^Turbo folk It’s better than some of the stuff I’ve made…

The feels




these modern rappers are something else


I had no idea the new XXXtentacion dropped


I wanna li li lick the cum from your lips to ya bum…




That’s brilliant! :clap::ghost:


Right? I wish I had a chart like this when I was in 7th grade orchestra. Lol I still have it saved as reference on my desktop :stuck_out_tongue:


Have a trust fund, but one of your parents is a junkie, and rap about life in 90210, it’s called niche marketing


Definitely my setup. I don’t even plug in the second speaker.


Something tells me this isn’t a joke


Get band
Play music
Break up due to ego conflicts , creative differences, and shifting priorities, and drug use…
Reunite and do a farewell tour…


Then sell out and get depressed because successful.


Then get a Xannax script because heroin is so passe.


That’s too much work. Use loops and pay someone on fiver to do the mixdown. More time to drop acid and get invited to threesomes. It’s called working on your image :slight_smile:


I like to cut out the middleman and hire somebody else to build themselves a studio for free and make all the music they want and do whatever they want with it

They still don’t know I’m in charge though


To music, you not music. Then the musics come.