How do i music?

ok so it’s nearly christmas time and i’ll have 2 weeks off. i always liked listening to music and once played guitar hero so i thought why not starting producing some bangers to earn some extra buck from time to time, you know, maybe a couple of hundreds a month, really wouldn’t mind that. i realy have some cool ideas btw, just wait. so I downloaded this program fl studio producer edition and it looks sooo complicated??? my freind from my gaming group yesterday told me that everyone can make beats these days so i imagined it’s going to be some sotfware where you record yourself beatboxing into a mic or smth and it turns into a song. does anything like that exist yet? it’s 2018 already there should be something, but I prefer freeware ones for now so let me know those options. Anyway, the problem is that I will have only 2 weeks and want to really make it through and start 2019 as a brand new aspiring producer but i’m not up for reading these long boring manuals. seems like a waste of time, tbf. i tried watching these video tuts on youtube but once some guy starts talking in these audio production terms he moves his cursor really quick and starts pressing something I just get lost instnatly. Any shortcuts to just go down to the business? i’ve already designed my artist logo btw and set up soudncloud page but it’s empty for now. I read some forum post and it mentions “sampler packs”. got my hands on a couple called vengence but those were just 1-5 sec long sounds, so you basically need to stack those on top of each other??? how people make music out of these? It must take ages. I have a couple of labels in mind that will love my ideas but the problem is how can I put those cool ideas into these softwares? Also what’s vst?

How do I music???



Honestly learn some code and dive right into max map cut oUT the middle man, you will be betterror off in the long run using a modular envirnoment, also look up the synthesizer cook book thingy, its a quicker way Imo to get that phat Reese neuro bassline that’s all the rave also learn about power chords and the circle of fifths and you’ll be fine, hint it’s all about the tunings and using some oscillatorsort as lfo, with some fmore modulation, ducking autocorrect…wink sincerely scottstapchadkroeger

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Scott Stapp gets into music part 2: the electric boogaloo

yeah i know it’s winter but i’d rather produce bangers than do thes chores. cool picture, i might take it and use for my first release, stay tuned. any advice on sampler packs? do you any people that own big labels? i heard marketing is the most important part.

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i tried goggle translate with 9 different languages and it still doesn’t make any sense. i doubt you’re even a real producer lmao sit kid this is serious talk

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you guys do cash upfront? i registered to your soundcloud 3 hours ago and it asks me to upgrade to pro account??? is that some sort of fee so i could get heard by music business people?

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smh fancypants elite producers don’t even bother to read real life struggles and legit questions by newbs??? wow i didn’t expect such elitism, and you call yourself intelligent music forum??? whre is that intellenge? making fun on amateur producers? unbelievable, i registered to question what’s vst but u guys like tl;dr, text is too long, unbelieveable no intellect at all

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what kind of vst is that? i googled it and it’s just some guy. where is promo demo video of vlantis plugin? can i try it before purchasing?

VlantiST - the one with all the cool vocals and selfies and shit.

I think that you need to download an Std patch into the programx86 files in Windows in order for certain vst plug-ins to work, but if your using an apple products then your shit out of luck…the file that gotten the best user reviews is gonorrhea.exe it allows for a sleek user interface with a modern gui, it also has a built in feature that compresses the cpu usage, it really is a great for chain fx but some vst needs one of those std patches in order to work properly

How do I hard work?

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Let’s get physical, as in get your physics textbook because a diy approach to synthesis and building a synth requires knowledge of ohms, resistors, conductivity, joules ,voltage, because you need to build a circuit and make it do stuff

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