How do i music?


Was that Doug Funnie or am I mixing people up? He was doing some similarly shitty things - Hi Doug if you’re out there reading. I can guess which ex-user offered sexy time.


Not Doug Funnie. I can’t even remember who it was, but their avatar was a sexy lady putting on thigh highs. (But I think somebody else admitted to horrible stuff and the admins were like, “Okay, this thread is gone.” :stuck_out_tongue: )

My lips are sealed. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is now the gossip thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well what are we waiting for? Bring back the confession thread, that sounds like a good time

Also, can alt-people be summoned? @DavidGuetta come back



the only way to make music is to sidechain your kick to your bass. instant club banger


i was waiting for you on this the entire thread <3


I love what you’re doing here. MOARRR wubs and subbububububasss


Have you tried Apple Loops inside Logic Pro? I highly recommend this as your quick way towards success and glory as a music producer.




No, it turned out to be horrible.


Someone needs to create a version of for club bangers. Except with fewer options. Like… one button. Plus some kind of IFTTT integration. And then some dorky geek should write a script for us, where once a day that button gets pressed. Then the generated banger gets upload to Landr for some proper banging mastering. Then straight to Beatport. And then all the royalties get direct deposited to my offshore account, so I can pay for fruity drinks, while I’m rolling ballz on Ibiza.

This is the proper way to music, gaiz.


now that’s what i call dawless setup, pfffft, daw, sounds like a loser term already. hardware? more like my-electric-bills-are-high-ware lmao. want to make a short EP? press button 4-5 times and go to sleep. there should be a button for how heavy drops need to be but with this extra dial might look bit too complex imo, should only appear in developer options. check beatport or any streaming services next day if you’re in top charts. if not, sue the creators because they promised you fame to teach them a lesson.


geeks would just hack the heavyness dial and set it to 11 and make better tracks and real producers who only set it to 10 would get ripped off of all their hard earned money


I did that to my left hand once, it had it coming!



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^ uh-huh… T_T


nobody gives a fuck


debra if you have best voice can u sing in my song??? here are the lyrics:

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drop it, yeaaaah
let’s go
yatatatata yatata (x2)