How do i music?


Try this


“patterns by themselves don’t do much” nevermind


Want to make bangers?



i wasnt familiar with the image, so i googled it and watched the video. this guy can shove his so called sample packs up his ass.
even if i did want to do the task he is doing i would use recycle :laughing:


those are legit techniques u dumb keyboard warrior also nice wig and good luck with garbage recycling


I actually have never seen the video, I just found this to be pretty cringe tier. r/hittablefaces


Anyone else thinks he looks like that kid that was in every daytime movie, getting kids hooked on weed?


i guess you are subscribed to his channel? or know him irl?
you cant just record shit and market the result as a sample pack.
and its hardly a “technique”, just basic audio splicing.
but i guess if you like it there must be a market for turd :poop:

wig? you think thats me? :laughing:


some may call this junk, me, I call them treasures.

oh, and it was about your avatar, if you don’t get my shitpost.


u bunch of losers call urself broducers but when was the last time u got on top charts? see ya there, i paid for masterclass via skype and this famous broducer you never heard of (me too) will teach me all his top secrets of how do music. i paid in front but he isn’t online yet for some reason but he said he knows EVERYTHING.


he is busy getting laid with all that pussy all over him and cocayne in his arm proper rock star


but protools told me I could do it wiff mah keyboard why doesnt my midi controller make sound when I put headphones innit?




vengence sample packs + massive presets=success,
also putting in due diligence by hoping in some dudes van to play a rave show somewhere in buttfuck kentucky were only 5 people show up,do your set then drop some x, wig out for a bit to someone else’s set, smoke a joint with the owner of some abandoned warehouse, and before you know it you’ll be playing at lollapalooza…and burning man just because you networked with some dudes that due promo and put on parties…that is how you music hard…


i knew there was a secret sauce to this biz… must be the FRANKS :hot_pepper: !


reminder: mix everything in mono. just in case


Also don’t forget +8 dbs min, the only way to have a good time is for the music to be so loud that you are completely losing your hearing when your trying to grind with the hotties whilst high as a kite and arent able to discern any conversation whatsoever


This was me in 2007… XD


Mashed bangers and wavy gravers