How do i music?


if you guys are going to post actual useful stuff–seemed like there was some useful stuff posted above-- can I please close this over beaten horse of a thread? We get it, noobs. I’m really not trying to be a killjoy, but doing a good impression, I know.


Fuck no. This is the Side Room. We do what we want. All that useful stuff was totally OT and just polluted this beauty of a shit thread.


fair enough boys, I’ll leave you be


I made one 0f those googletube vigiscreens.


This shows you how to music.


consider watching these tutorials, realy helped me (warning loud af)


That bass drop was nifty. I might have to try that out… I know a lot of people use 3xOsc, but I never fuck with it… seems pretty cool. good shares brohemian


Depends on what you are trying to achieve, but for the people wanting to learnt about harmony… I had really good luck with these so far




lmao I love the single comment :

“ty im now number on beatport charts dubstep”




Everyone knows Mississippi hot dog is the greatest song in the world




I heard this kid is taking consultations for lessons soon


Now dig deep for the motivation to make some music, well in my case noise :wink:


WARNING! u-he triplecheese vst IS NOT vegan

here’s tutorial video (really goes deep, nicely explained):


This is the only useful thing in this thread. Ty


Learn guitar…practice for years…make no money.
learn piano…practice for years…make no money.
crack fl studio.make beetz in samples…
Rap superstar! problem solved.