Gamers what games are you playing? :)


If the slim is the same as the fat in this regard, I don’t think you’ll have an issue because the buttons face the front instead of up now. They’re small and I don’t think I’ve ever accidentally pressed them (in fact they chose small piano black buttons on a piano black panel and I had to look up where they were when I first got it). However the power states/menu are all the same, so if you do turn it on, yeah same story as the PS4.


How to hide an original PS5 from the girlfriend when it’s as big and heavy as a sex doll :eyes:


Diablo 4 season 2. I’ll give it to Blizzard they’ve made it feel more fun and satisfying. Still not as awesome as Diablo 3, but it gives me hope for the future of the game.

I’ve pre-ordered Super Mario Bros Wonder. Looks absolutely bonkers.


Yeah, Wonder looks fun. Probably not going to have time for it in the next few months, but I’ll ask for it for Christmas and then probably stretch it into next March or so.

I’m really excited for Spiderman 2. I didn’t play the first one, but I think I’ll be able to jump into number 2 without any issues - I’ve seen enough Spiderman movies to keep up. I’m hoping to get that one for my birthday (also in December, but early in the month).

And if you’re thinking to yourself right now “does this guy ever just buy a game he wants?” the answer is rarely. With gamepass and a backlog I could burn through for a year without finishing, I’m not in rush to pay full price for most games.


That’s why I usually buy the games I want on disc a year or later following their release. By then, they’re usually already half price or even less around Black Friday.


Yeah, exactly. The only exception I make is for the big IP Nintendo games because they usually retain their original RRP for a long time, so are easy to sell with minimal loss. I also subscribe to an online videogame rental service which saves me a huge amount of money


True. I don’t really sell my games anymore though, the last few I did I ended up re-buying later on so I just hang on to them now. I don’t buy very many anyways since I have Gamepass - I think I’ve played like 30 games on there in the last year compared to buying like 3.


I’ve gone back to Diablo 3. Haven’t played it since 2014 or so, but wow this game is so fun and satisfying. I’m doing a Crusader build and immediately the most basic skills are the beginning of a power trip I was hoping Diablo 4 would be.


Finished Final Fantasy 16. 9/10, great game. Second best in the series behind FFX. Now dabbling in re-doing a 100% run of FF1, and convincing myself to go through FF7 Remake. Die-hard FF fan but I never actually liked FF7 that much, not sure why.


I didn’t like 7 much at first, but when I picked it up again a few years later it became one of my fav games of all time until now, not completely sure why. Remake imho is great, too, and it has a very different atmosphere and feel from the original imho, so maybe you like it better. Also give 6 a try if you haven’t already, it’s one of the best FFs for me in terms of story and music… (but I only played 4 through 9 - never played 10 but watched a longplay some time ago and enjoyed it).


Dead Space remake is on Gamepass. Thank you Microsoft monopoly


You get all of EA access with Gamepass. It’s pretty amazing, I did both Mirror’s Edge games and the Respawn Jedi game earlier this year. Pretty sure the new Jedi is on there now, and it’s on my to-do list. Oh and if you’ve never played Mass Effect I’m sure the legendary edition is on there too.

I think it’s like a 6 month delay from release to EA games showing up on Gamepass, but that’s nothing when you have Gamepass to keep you busy XD

Gawd I sound like an ad, but it seriously is one of the best decisions I’ve made in the last year. Otherwise, I would have played like 4 games.

Right now, I’m almost done with Yakuza 5 and then I’ll either do Jedi or Forza Motorsport, I haven’t decided yet.


I’ve been playing Tunic. Was waiting for it to go on sale but just paid for it yesterday when I had a migraine.

I love it. I’ve had to peel myself from it to do other things. I haven’t had this much fun playing a game for about three years (Gravity Rush 2 was the last game to really captivate me, which i played during lockdown). Not finished yet, but it’ll be up there with some other favorites, that’s for sure.


Yeah, Gamepass really is incredible value for money. Top quality Indie games and AAA releases. Combine it with renting physical discs and it actually makes gaming cheaper than ever, minus the odd download only gems. It seems insane to me that people will pay £70 to buy a digital AAA game


To keep in line with my tried-and-tested approach of “buy game 1-2 years after its release for less than half the price, leave it untouched with the rest of the pile for 3-4 years and someday get to it, maybe”, I’ve started Shadow of War, the sequel to Shadow of Mordor.

Fun game so far but that was expected, as I had really liked the 1st one, which was tons of fun thanks to the nemesis system.


I decided to try out the new Forza Motorsport. For reference, I played Gran Turismo 4-6 A LOT, spent time at my local go-kart track, and almost got sponsored and started the pro racing ladder in highschool (I ultimately turned it down, but I still wonder “what if” sometimes). All of that is to say I know my way around racing games, and this one is damn good.

If you’re coming for the graphics, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’m playing on my PC with everything maxed out and it looks good. They have a lot of cool cars too (missing a few I’d like but I’m weird, so they probably have whatever you want to try). In older racing games I would struggle to see during rain/weathered races because the particle FX didn’t behave like real water, it was just billborads you drove through but couldn’t see through. This game has much more gradation in the weather/lighting, and in the particles. So I can actually see like I should in the rain, and I can still drive fast. It models the rubber buildup and you have to take that into account as the weather changes too. I will see something out of the corner of my eye occasionally and remember this is a video game, but I mostly can just focus on the driving without being distracted.

I’m not doing online races yet, still getting used to a few things in single player (the HUD and button layout are new to me coming from a 10 year old Gran Turismo). The AI is better than anything I’ve ever driven against in some ways (you really can go wheel to wheel with them through a lot of corners and have to pick your line to get by them), but does still fall short in others - very often I will push them and instead holding their line like a real driver will, they bail and just pull over and let me pass. Or when I pass them instead of maintaining their line and going about their race they brake late desperately trying to hold the position and go completely off track, costing themselves a guaranteed podium for a 1 in 1000 shot at keeping me behind them - not something a real driver would do most of the time.

The most unfortunate thing about the AI (and so far the game as a whole) is like every Gran Turismo game (and I assume older Forzas) going back over 20 years now, the game picks one or two AI to be “fast” cars at the start of the championship, and they’re the top 2-3 cars every race. I’d like it more if the fast cars were changed from race to race, because the same driver doesn’t win every single week in most racing series, but in Forza you pretty much get the same podium every race. And that means if you want to win the championships and move forward in the game, YOU have to be winning most of the races, which is not realistic - you’re doing really well if you win more than once in a year, and most people never win. In Forza, if you’re not winning, you are falling behind, and that means you might be tempted to turn down the difficulty, which makes the racing less interesting, so that you can more consistently win. You also choose your own starting spot in most races, and I would love to have the confidence to start in the back row and see how many cars I can pass during the race with no shot of winning, but I can’t afford to leave those points on the table when the same cars start on the front row and win every race.

But, I’ve been playing a ton of Forza, and I feel like I’ve knocked a lot of the rust off. I’m steadily turning up the difficulty (started at 5/8 and I’m now at 7/8 and consistently leading/winning) and (more than Gran Turismo ever did) each win really feels like I’ve worked for it. They have a great system where you have to drive your car in order to upgrade it, and you get to upgrade it after every race. So you start a championship and get a feel for your car, then you slowly address whatever weakness you find in it after every race, and by the end of the championship you’re driving a well-tuned track monster.

The event flow for each race is really good too. You have to do a certain number of practice laps before you can start the race, and the game gives you a target lap time for each race that you want to hit so that you know you can be competitive in your car on the difficulty you chose (you don’t have to hit that time to start the race, but I like to). Then you can run practice for 10-15 minutes after you do the required laps. I love this because this game has a lot of tracks I wasn’t already familiar with, so it’s great that I don’t have to go out of my way to learn them before I get thrown into a race. The game also takes this time to teach you some of the trickier sections with specific segment timers that tell you if you are faster or slower through a certain section of the track, which is great for helping you experiment and find the lines that work best for you. The game also looks at your times and it can tell you with decent accuracy where it thinks you will finish the race based on the starting spot you choose, which is helpful if you know you need to finish a certain position but you still want a challenge to get there.

Like I mentioned the actual racing has some misses every now and then, but the on-track action is more dynamic and interesting than any other racing game I’ve played. I wish strategy was more of a thing you had to consider in the main championships. Fuel and tires are a thing, but all the races are so short that you can just put enough gas in the car to start the race (you do get to choose your starting fuel and tires) and you don’t have to pit after that. Gran Turismo 4 is better at this because they have some longer races where you have to decide if you’re going to run slower and not have a pit stop or go faster and have to stop during the race. Forza says it has this, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Good game, worth trying out if you like cars or have gamepass. They have a lot of options for beginner drivers and do a really good job of bringing you up to speed. Plus you can always rewind if you really mess up, I think I’m pretty good and I still use that.


<3000hrs :exploding_head:


I booted up this weird little bullet hell shit called Nex Machina, beat a few bosses and felt like an old geezer trying to prove to himself that he can still hang. Honestly I’ll probably never boot it up again because my drive for gaming is extremely low all the time, but it was a good experience while it lasted.

I might actually listen to that soundtrack for real though, it’s top-tier synthwave


Idk if any of yall are into CRTs, but I found the most ridiculous one ever a couple months ago lool. Modded the enclosure a bit to make it an emulation station


“Yo dawg, we put a console inside your console”

This is seriously awesome. I’d be scared to use those cupholders though