Gamers what games are you playing? :)


Where’s my gamers at?

I currently can’t stop playing Gwent (The Witcher Card Game). Been too long since I gave myself up to a CCG, and what better one than one based on the Witcher universe?


Dude, Gwent in TW3 was the shit. The first thing when you come to some village was finding Gwent player and winning a card from him. Monster keeps attacking your village and people are constantly dying? Umm maybe you’re up for some Gwent instead? nods


Gwent in W3 is fuckin’ incredible. The Gwent for PC standalone is quite a different game… I actually like it a little more, it had 2 years of beta to get correct… free to play, you should check it out and throw down some cards with me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gwent was weird on TW3 after you got those OP cards with 15 points and maxed Nilfgaardian deck (more like betrayal deck) was incredibly OP too because of spy cards with that one leader card where you could be able to draw out any previously killed card.


Never played Gwent, but I gave Valve’s Artifact a spin. Turns out the game is pretty mediocre, but at least I paid €17.50 for it and sold the cards I got from a few drafts for €30, so can’t really complain about value - especially since I can keep playing casual drafts for free forever.

Overall, the game feels to achieve the worst of both worlds in terms of RNG: There is a lot of it, enough to make good players feel like they do not have agency or control over the outcome, but there is so many decision points across an average game that bad players still get trounced. Then again, Valve has enough money to throw around to make this an e-sports success if they want to.


I have a lot of issues with Artifact. Firstly, it’s based on DoTA 2 - which is a game I have no appeal of the aesthetic for. Secondly, Richard Garfield I know just signed up for this to get a huge check since he handed MtG development to Mark Rosewater.

I watched quite a few hours of it’s gameplay and the 3-lane mechanic just… doesn’t seem to appealing. The money involved in playing is also just… entirely bogus. The only way you can get new cards is by winning, with a cost of entry into tournaments? Just balls. Valve is going to make cash hand over fist with the taxes on Marketplace sales as well.

Oh well. I’ve only put $5 into Gwent and I have half of the entire collection. Probably the most generous F2P card game i’ve played… so there’s still hope.


Those of you who have an iPad/Iphone should play my game “My Cat is a …”.
It didn’t meet publishing criteria, so it won’t be officially released, but it’s still on the store, free-to-play, non ads.

Will get back to it over Xmas and tweak it a bit to try and raise retention value…


No PC / android version?


Glad this thread is finally in the sideroom where it belongs instead of the technology subforum.


Only if they get published…


Settlers 3

The whole series is there on Uplay for a decent price. Even though I’m not gone on the latest ones. 1,2 and 3 are classics though. Heard 4 is great too, haven’t played it, will move onto to it after I’ve finished 3.


CS:GO went f2p and they added battle royal mode too. WTF is going on. “ummm everyone likes these battle royal games, we should do this with CS and later collect all that cash!” I haven’t played CS in years but it feels bit of insulting for whoever bought that game previously. It will allow more cheating happen because it’s f2p and you’re losing nothing if you get banned. Just make a new account and do it again.


I’m surprised it went F2P even after the marketplace change to remove all the skin traders. Battle royale is just the new trend, it’s in everything now. Even fuckin’ red dead redemption 2 added a BR mode FFS…

I personally hate the mode


I’ve been mostly going between Dark Souls on the Switch and I got into playing Planescape: Torment again after a talk I had with a friend about Obsidian and inXile being acquired by Microsoft and I have been super into it.


I don’t like them either. You loot stuff and walk for 15 minutes just to get shot by someone who’s with max gear already and knows every gameplay nuance. They know where to go for cool loot, best spots for camping because there’s only one map available and it’s been played to death. Being bad at game is not allowed anymore, unless you’re up for being easy prey as a casual player. Being casual who likes to get into such game and learn it while actually playing is not a great option I suppose. It’s like you need to watch an entire season of tutorial videos how to play it correctly. Competitive games just suck because of that.


I prefer competitive games in FPS more of an old school nature. Quake / Unreal, some newer stuff like Titanfall, but overall I’m pretty burned out on the competitive shooter. I blame the rise and fall of Call of Duty for a lot of the tropes we see… console rising also, with skill gap compression and class based arena games taking over the more skill based twitch games without XP and bullshit.

Really wish Toxikk took off, because that was the return to the 99’ fragger style I miss. Great game on steam.


Looking for something on Android that is easy to get into. I have a craft show with my retail job this weekend and they are always a lot of sitting around with nothing to do. As far as online games go, I’ve enjoyed CCGs, passive/farming type games, tower defense, turn based rpg. I don’t care much about replay value as I’ll probably drop it after the weekend.


Fuck, even Rocket League at least has a fair matching system. CSGO sounds like the new eBay now, whereas if you join in 2018 you’re automatically fucked


Ashen came out yesterday. Had I not have sold my gaming laptop the other day I’d be playing the hell out of it now. Looks like a great one.


I just saw an ad for Ashen today…looked fairly cool.

RN I am playing Blackhole, the hardest thing I have played in a long time. 100+ levels and sometimes I need lime 40 minutes to sort out what I have to do and get the timings right.

Anyone tried Death War 3030? It looks cool.