Gamers what games are you playing? :)

Thanks lol. It’s definitely the most ridiculous thing I own lmao
yeah, it’s fine for a beer as long as it isn’t a tall boy


Resident Evil 4 remake.

Getting through by the skin of my teets. I dunno what ammo resource drop magic algorithm they are running but it makes me very scared


I’m currently playing RE Village on the PS5. Awesomess :grinning:


Busted out my old PSVR. I had to slowly work with it a bit since I haven’t touched it in a while, but the cogs are turning once again. Played Polybius for the first time on it, and it was very enjoyable

Don’t mind the gloves, it’s well below freezing outside.

Been a while since I checked in…

So I’ve kept Forza installed. I’m playing that for about an hour or two every week. They add a new career championship and I go through it. It’s how I spend my Saturday mornings now.

I did Spiderman 2 last december and enjoyed it. I once said that Guardians of the Galaxy made me feel like I was playing a marvel movie. Spiderman 2 did that about 5 times harder. It was intense, and I went back and played Spiderman 1 and Miles Morales because of that. They’re all good games but if you don’t want to play all of them I think you’d be all right jumping into Spiderman 2.

Also did Yakuza 6 towards the beginning of this year. That one was fun in the same way they all are, but the Ono Michio sidestory was a highlight. With that I’m just about caught up to the new Yakuza games. I did the 1800s Yakuza, which was surprisingly good. With greater emphasis on swords and guns it plays a little differently from other Yakuza games, but not that differently. Rather than watching someone get shot 18 times and get back up, you’ll find yourself thinking “nah that arm is definitely gone” before they shoot you 18 times and you get back up. 8/10.

I picked up the two Judgment games for PS5 and I’m about halfway through the first. It’s really fun and interesting to play a good detective game. My only experience with this kind of thing before was a brief stint with LA Noire, and this is much better. I am mostly keeping up with the case and connecting the same dots as the detective I’m playing as - which is much better than most Yakuza games where I cannot keep the story straight past about halfway. I also really enjoy putting the game into first person mode and walking from place to place. The Yakuza games have always had a smaller map, but it’s really densely packed, and the newer games have killer lighting/graphics to go with that densely packed city. I can say that if you wanted to skip all the other games you could totally jump in here and ignore the 8 games that occur before this one. It stands tall on it’s own. The sidestories are as zany as ever, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from 8 Yakuza games it’s that violence is almost always the solution. Tentative 9/10 - I wish the combat was a bit more over the top, though I can see why they didn’t go that route and this is still fun.

Also working through Like a Dragon on my PC via gamepass. This is the JRPG spinoff of Yakuza, like Judgment it takes place in the same world, but focuses on different characters and plays with different mechanics than the main series. I’m normally not a JRPG person, but apparently if you slap a streetfighting gangsters coat of paint over the JRPG mechanics I can actually enjoy them. I’m about 2/3 of the way through this one and have found myself using a guide a bit more than usual to help me find/craft good equipment. I still like it and I’m really looking forward to finishing it so I can get to the newer one that just came out a few weeks ago. I have a few problems with the combat in this one (you can’t aim your AOE attacks. WHY? I have used an AOE attack so many times that could hit 5 guys and it hits 1 because the computer aims my attack so badly). The characters all have interesting backstories, but some I feel like I didn’t need to know as much as I was given and some I want to see more. IDK maybe that’s just RPG things, but this one feels like a 7/10 to me. I have heard the new one is better.

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Not as much of a game as it is just fantasy console, but Picotron just dropped (the 'threequel" to Pico-8 and Voxatron). Shit’s pretty wild, with loads of potential for multiple maps, sprite sheets, synths & tracker arrangements, code snippets and other things that can be tucked away inside the system and summoned on command.

Seems like a version of Pico-8 where you’re finally not constrained to just a few pixels in either direction. I always love being able to just create a new map per level or what have you and this finally makes it possible

Finished Judgment last night. What a ride! Honestly, my complaints about the combat evaporated after you unlock extracts (there’s one where you can just endlessly groundpound and destroy everything for about a 20 foot radius). That gave me the over the top combat I was looking for.

The story gets a little melodramatic later on, though nowhere near as much as other Yakuza games. I have to say this is really close to being a 10/10 game. The only thing I’m missing is a little more to do outside of the story. Maybe it’s not fair to compare this to other games from the same dev, but I can’t help but look at the really fully fleshed out minigames that often have their own story arc in their other games and miss that here(real estate management in Yakuza 0, cabaret club management in Yakuza 0/2, the racing games in Yakuza 0/1). There are romanceable characters, maybe that was supposed to replace some of the deeper minigames, but it doesn’t scratch the same itch for me.

The only other thing I’m missing is a larger map. Yakuza has never had large maps, but it gets you out of them for specific sequences and it has multiple maps that you jump between. Judgment did a bit less of that, and it re-uses some of the key locations liberally. It could also be that I’m playing Like a Dragon at the same time and that has a much larger main map (though not as well used, it just spaces stuff way out for no real reason), plus two maps about the size of Judgment. Or it could be that this is like the 10th time I’ve run around exploring Kamurocho in the last year, so maybe I’m just finally getting sick and tired of the place and that’s on me.

Really, I have minor complaints about a mostly excellent game here. I can’t bring myself to give it a 10/10 or call it the best in the series, but it is damn close and that is still high praise. I had part 2 installing last night and am looking forward to starting on it later this week.

Bayonetta 3.

I really loved Bayonetta 2 but felt 3 was disappointing. Dunno why, because after another try I’m absolutely loving it. The weapons are absolutely wild and the demon summons so incredibly satisfying. Train on a stick cock slap into a giant rotating spewing tower clock combo. Wtf why aren’t other games this crazy!

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Atari 50 collection.

It’s amazing to me gaming gained any sort of popularity because of how confusing and frustrating these early games are. I’m enjoying it as a history lesson and it’s really satisfying seeing how game mechanics progress. We really do take modern games for granted and complain about the most minor things. RTFM was mandatory from 1970 to 1990 lol

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I fired up “Adventure” a few weeks ago on an emulator. While I had a blast for 20 minutes, I did not realize that the arrow on the first screen is actually a sword. My brother figured that out. We took turns playing until one of us dropped a key in the river and there was no way to get it out except restart. We did that once and when it happened again we were done. Those dragons are f#&kin terrifying bro.

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Devil may cry 5

And lara croft tomb raider.

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Hellblade 2. Wow, bloody spectacular. This is the first game I’ve played in a long time where I’ve been floored by the graphics. It feels like the jump from an older to a newer consoles capabilities. The puzzles are a bit annoying but other than that I’m seriously impressed.

I’ve been playing a few things as always. I want to call out Tunic as a lot of fun. Think OG Legend of Zelda with some Darksouls combat. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it, but I like exploring this world so much that I’ve gotten good enough at the combat to play the game. You start with no instructions and you have to find pages from the guidebook as you explore the world, and the guidebook tells you what you need to do to progress the game, has maps, boss strats, etc.

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Tony hawk 1+2


Best game hands down.

I still have them on my Dreamcast.

I know 1 inside out, haven’t played much of 2 yet as I only got it recently - the first level is pretty fun though.

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Which system?

I actually fired up 3 on my modded Wii yesterday (I game once per year at best) and forgot how stupidly easy it was. It’s such a nostalgic experience for me, but I don’t remember it being so short back in the day.

Even the knockoff extreme sports games are good to me though. :smiley:

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Does your copy of THPS3 have that snowboarding game demo on it? I used to play that for hours. Never got around to getting a snowboard game, but I still like the idea.

Unfortunately, I don’t think so! It was whatever Vimm’s Lair had up (RIP), but I don’t think I’ve played any of the snowboarding games for GC yet.

I think my SD card is filled up but there are a few really dumb games I have on there that can definitely get replaced. Do you remember which one it was?

I’m racking my brain, but no I don’t. I could tell you the lyrics to the one nu-metal song that loops while you play the demo, but not the name of the game.


Now, I could be ev-
everything I want
realize that I’m nothing
I wanted to be and
I can never change
anything I’ve done
because I have
gone. too. far. now

huh blame myself again
for what I didn’t do
realized that I’m nothing
I want to be
blame myself again
the worst is yet to come
because I have

Somebody somebody
save my mind
as it spins into eternity
somebody somebody
get in line

And after the first chorus it just loops clumsily back to the intro. Basically peak nu-metal.

EDIT: I had to go put it in my PS2 and check - it’s Shaun Palmer snowboarding.

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I’m going to have to play this just for the nu metal soundtrack, honestly :smiley:

I was playing Smashing Drive and genuinely couldn’t believe how laughably bad the soundtrack was. I guess when I first played it 20+ years ago I didn’t question it, but now with my old age and snobbery I’m wondering how in the hell this entire thing didn’t get canned. Should’ve gone with the bizkit on this one